Monday, June 20, 2011

Travel Tid-Bits

Over the next few weeks, I am getting the opportunity to travel a lot, both for work and for personal reasons. Ultimately all of the travel will be for pleasure, though, because I will be going to some pretty cool events and places :)

Spending so much time on the airline and hotel websites has gotten me thinking about some of my favorite things that I like to have with me when I travel. I am a bit of a snobby traveler - I get a rush out of making it through the security lines at the airport in record time, I always ask for the whole can of Diet Coke, and I like the aisle seats and prefer a King bed for my petite frame whenever I get the chance (Why? Because I can.).

The items I travel with aren't so uppity as they are functional, though. They get me from here to there in style while keeping my bank accounts happy.

While I do a carry-on roller-bag for flights, you will always see my monogrammed Vera Bradley duffel with me for any trips close enough that we drive. I have two in the Bermuda Blue color at right; they are cheery and fun, which are perfect mood-boosters to go along with any vacay-mindset. They also fit a ton of items, perfect for week-long vacations. If you are looking for one for yourself, check the sale options on the Vera site - they retire old patterns regularly, so you can grab one up for $50 or $60 instead of the retail $80. Add the monogram to make it extra special.
While I am a girl's girl and have enough make-up and hair products to go around for days, I hate checking luggage. I'd rather bring next to nothing and carry-on rather than stand around a carousel waiting for my bag to appear. Small, clear containers like these make it easy for me to dole out a few days' worth of product that all fits into a carry-on approved zipper bag. Mine even came with little labels to stick on that say "lotion" or "eye makeup remover" so that I don't accidentally put toner on my eyeball :) I just throw the bag in the front pocket of my bag, and I am set to go.
Whether it's a weekend trip to the beach where all I need are a few bathing suits, or an overnight business trip where my bag only includes one change of clothes, a smaller "garment" bag is a must for a frequent traveler. Mine came as a set with my large rolling suitcase, but it works like a charm alone when I am on the go for a night or two. It can expand enough to fit my laptop if need be, but also doubles as a stand on which I can prop my laptop bag while rolling through the gates. This one above would be great for guys or girls, and is a steal on sale right now at Macy's for $89.

I don't actually own this one (yet), but my dad does, and it's genius. All of your chargers, all in one little bag. iPhone, Blackberry, laptop, games, car chargers, wall chargers - you name it, iGo provides the matching plugs and converters. You buy what you need, ignore what you don't, and upgrade as your devices do. Pick your set up at your local Radio Shack. This one is especially clutch if you are traveling with your significant other or entire family - no one will flip out when they realize they forgot their charger!

This is just a snapshot of my favs. What are yours? Can you not travel without a sleep-mask for the flight, or do you crave a neck pillow for the car?