Friday, August 19, 2011

Friends Forever

I had a rare night at home alone with zero plans this week. Zero things to do (minus that laundry over there ... hmmm I am ignoring it. Done!), zero things on my mind (more or less ha) and zero things holding me back from some serious time with some old besties.

They were wondering where I've been.
It's been way too long since I watched this show. During the past weekend's Bachelorette festivities, one of my two (yes, I own two) sets of SATC trivia games got pulled off a shelf while we were prepping with champagne. I had so much fun re-living some of the more random pieces of the show with our speed rounds of the game that I couldn't help but pop the DVDs in this week.

The selected DVD, random though it was, proved to be perfect, because it brought up the few episodes where Carrie is post-Berger (ie. Post-It Guy) and getting back to girl time with her ladies. Miranda makes it back into her skinny jeans after having a baby and avoids her ex's new girlfriend, Samantha is risque as always (she's my fav) and Charlotte gets engaged and married to her second husband, who proves to be way better of a fit for her than the first fling.

A few episodes of this stuff later, though, and now I want to go on the record to say that I would be ok with scheduling in (to our already way overly crazy planners) a few ladies brunches in the near future. Any of you fine ladies out there in? Let's do the whole Mimosa and Bloody Mary lazy Sunday brunch thing. I'd be willing to skip a late night or two to save up for it. Both the money and the energy, that is. I realize that we aren't like 70, but I will be the first to admit that weekend mornings are sacred - valuable time spent on the couch with the Sunday paper and coffee! But some well-planned outings here and there might make them all that much more fun.

Men. We can meet for beers. I don't like to discriminate, after all :)

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By the way. Can I live in the SATC sets?

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Decor notes for my future millionaire dream home, that's for sure.



Amy @ Forever 29 said...

I don't have them on DVD, but I love catching an episode or two on E in the afternoons!

Unknown said...

Amy - they def are a great treat :)