Thursday, August 18, 2011

Happy Moments

In this crazy, busy world that we all live in, even I, a perpetually happy and upbeat person, struggle sometimes to see the fabulousness in each moment of the day. Over the past few weeks, I have both known and read about people who have lost others, and it makes it that much more clear to me that each second is important. Whether I am feeling happy, sad, tired, energized, giddy or crazy, I am trying to keep that thought in my head. Right now is important.

What keeps you going each day? Here are some of mine...

* The sunrise. Funny how even though earlier-than-normal mornings typically would make you feel grouchy actually can give a boost if you take in those first few rays of sun peaking through the clouds!

Image Source. Hi, I'd like to live here, please. Thank you.

* Hugs and kisses. I don't care if they are from a dog, your mom, a BFF or a S.O. Those little things give me a little emotional thrill whatever their form.

* Hot sunshine. Goodness, it is SO hot outside. But after spending our days up in A/C-chilled offices, that warm sun is a reminder of everything that is outside those four walls!

Love these paisley cards from Swoozies!
* Handwritten cards. Have you sent one recently? Make someone else's day and send one today!

* Phone calls. Another lost art in the days of text messages and emails. I love spending some time actually hearing another human's voice on the phone now and again. Who is your favorite person to talk with on the phone?

* Diet Coke and Chais. Those are my daily vices. Are you a coffee-lover? Perhaps a sweet iced tea, instead. Those first sips = yummm and yaaaaaay.

* Falling into bed at night. Le sigh :)



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Yummm and yaaaaaay!

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:) :)