Monday, August 15, 2011

Meal Deals to Come

I am back in regular-Katherine mode after being in Bachelorette-overdrive all weekend, and what a fun one it was! We celebrated for our BFF Laurie who is just weeks away from becoming a Mrs! Stay tuned: more to come this week on how I decorated and cooked for the fun Girls Weekend just for her.

After so many weeks of socialness, I am attempting to cook a bit more (healthy) at home, but that doesn't mean that this Restaurant Week notice from Concentrics didn't catch my eye this morning. You can grab up a three course meal for $25 at all of the restaurants during the week of September 4-11. Fantastic! To satisfy your Concentrics cravings before this deal hits, don't forget to use their Summer Swag voucher for 50% off your meals until September 1.

What is your favorite stop in this restaurant group? I am partial to TAP and their Numbers Ale, myself :)