Saturday, September 10, 2011

And I Even Forgot to Title This ...

I have gotten a bit absent minded in my older 20's. What is wrong with me, I'm not sure, but I am sure that with the multitasking and Blackberrying and blogging, the other thoughts in my head get a bit mish-mashed from time to time. It's no wonder, then, that I have had to release my key at the condo to the concierge staff to check that I had unplugged my hair straightener (I had) at least once. Other times, I attempted to ration with myself that I likely did unplug it from force of habit, and thankfully, I was right :)

Earlier this week, we got home from busy days at work, ordered pizza on the cold and dreary night, and sat back to enjoy some TiVo-ed Star Wars (I am a closet geek) and quiet time.

And then I remembered I had left my gosh darn lava lamp on at work. Gah

I am so incredibly OCD about burning some place down due to my own absent-mindessness that I HAD to drive back down to the office, unplug the lava lamp (yep, it was still on) and then drive all the way back home. On the way home, I realized though, hey, aren't there timer-thingys that could help with this? That could shut off the lamp if I for some reason forget to?

So off to Tar-gay I went. 

Every dangerous female shopping story begins with that line, I think :P

One hour later, as the store was approaching close, I walked out the doors with a bag in hand that didn't include any timer things (I looked, I swear) and instead was full of random, but useful, items. A box of nails (we were out). An under-the-counter light (the kitchen corner is really dark). And two, count-em', two pairs of jeggings.

A few weeks ago I got a tip from my bloggy and in-real-life-from-high-school friend Lauren's roommate (still following me?) Brittney that she had stumbled upon Target's newest jeans and jeggings, and how perfect they were for gals of all shapes and sizes. Being a typical girl that struggles to find well-fitting and high-quality, budget-friendly options in that department, I was sure to check them out while I was there. And sure enough, there are new displays of jeans featuring options for each body shape!

Pick out your shape size, find the style of jean you want, whether bootcut or straight leg, and voila! Perfect-fitting jeans for way less hassle than you usually might have to deal with as a girl. I can testify - it was a pretty seamless process. With my athletic curves and a desire to keep pants a bit higher-rise for work, I fit best into the Fit 4. The two pairs of jeggings (at Target that phrase means super skinny jeans that are perfect for under boots, but otherwise appear to be regular jeans with pockets and everything!) I picked up are both Fit 4, and I love them. The best part was that I only spent $20 a pop on them. Score!

So maybe I didn't end up with the one item that I stopped into Target for (I hear Home Depot might be a better spot to check for those timers?), but I did find a worthy investment at a great price on some new pants for the upcoming season change. And in my mind, that further supports that any trip to Target is a worthwhile trip. At least until my bank account tells me no, that is.

Where do you find your go-to jeans? What styles fit you best? 



meghan said...

Oh you are me. I would have had to driven back there. I work at a school with security on campus, so I've had to call them if I think I've done something that I need them to fix. I used to have this little mini fridge in my room, but I read the instruction manual one time and it mentioned that if dust got in the back and built up it could cause a fire, so from that point on I haven't ever plugged the thing in. I just know I would have a panic attack if I left it on over a weekend or something.

Unknown said...

Meghan - oh my goodness! Yes, I totally think you are me! I was thinking the same thing about getting a mini space heater ... but then I'm pretty sure our building would go POOF because of it and me :)