Friday, September 9, 2011

Mirror, Mirror on My Wall

Are you a skittish person? Do you jump when someone or something startles you? Goodness gracious, I get nervous even thinking about those things! I am one of the jumpiest people you could meet. At work, I have always had trouble sitting with my side or back towards any open spaces, and still almost jump out of my seat when someone comes up just to say "hey." Loud noises? Yikes. Mini-heart attacks right there. 

You'd think that in a condo, I wouldn't have this trouble. I can hear people coming up behind me, right? Wrong! I am still jumping all over the place. The biggest culprit area is the kitchen. There are two ways into the space, and all of the workstations have me facing away from both of them. That plus the noise of the stove, washer/dryer, dishwasher, sink ... oh my. Try not to come up behind me or I am likely to drop and break something :P

A recent sale at IKEA may have saved me a bit, though, at least for that area of my home. $9 for a pretty circular mirror for smack over the sink. How convenient! And it makes the whole place seem even bigger, I think.

Now just for a coat of paint behind it to beatify the white space. Perhaps dark plum?

Or a mossy green to coordinate with the counters? 

I used a Sherwin Williams tool to play around with a few options. How fun is that? You just upload your photo, draw some rough lines around the space that you want to paint, and then fill in colors from their palette.

Whichever color you think looks best, stay tuned. Like all of the condo painting projects, I have to think on this one first for a while, especially since this is an area very close to the dark red dining room wall ...

What do you think about the mirror? A good add? Even if just for my own sanity? :)