Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Nice and High Neckline

In prep for last year's Fall season, my Mom suggested that I look into Lands' End and L.L. Bean for some new long sleeve and turtleneck staples. I am a huge fan of layering in the cooler months of the year, but hate how worn out those basics can get in those (few - it's a short winter here!) months. I don't want to drop $60 on one from JCrew, for example, only to have it die by season's end. And since I wear them all the time, I need a variety of colors to go with different outfits. Those two mail-order companies, however, are known for their long-lasting and durable basics, so this year, I was sure to check into them first.

Lands' End was the winner in the end for their fitted turtlenecks. I had forgotten until I shopped around how common the looser, less shapely turtlenecks are - think your 5th grade first day of school outfits. I didn't want to look like a shapeless blob, so ones with a bit of stretch and a fitted shape were a must. I landed on these:

I ordered an XS in both sizes, realizing that I wanted them to be a bit more fitted than the models were wearing. I like for them to be wearable alone or under something, and fitted is a must for both. Plus, with the type of fabric Lands' End was using for them, I knew they'd look professional by themselves, too. I searched around for a promo code to use on shipping, and voila, four shirts for only about $70! I got the two colors/styles above and then a plain black and a plain brown.

They came in, and I LOVE THEM. They fit like a glove, and look and feel just like I want them to for the workplace. With the cold temps today, I of course had to break out the black one and wear it with slacks. It kept me warm in the office and on my way to and from, and I think it looked trendy to boot.

Where do you find your winter basics? What are your favorite go-to stores?



meghan said...

You look so cute! I love that turtleneck on you! It makes me actually think about buying a turtleneck to wear. I've never worn them before, but it really does seem like a great layering option!

The Broke Socialite said...

CUTE! Not your "old school" turtleneck at all!

Amy @ Forever 29 said...

I picked up some Lands End tanks that I fell in love with this year...will have to check out the turtlenecks!

Sandy said...

I can't believe that we've been so scorched here in Atlanta that we get our first below 80 degrees days and we think it's winter! (Not poking fun at you, I have friends that are pumpkin picking already too!) hehe. Here's to hoping we don't have another ice blitz this winter!

Katherine Malone said...

Meghan - thank you so much! I know a lot of people that wouldn't usually consider them but they are one of my fav staples. I hope you find cute ones!

Shameeka - thanks!! :) I am so glad you approve :) Hopefully you find some that work for you too!

Katherine Malone said...

Amy - the material and quality is def high end feeling! I will have to check out the tanks.

Sandy - agreed! Though I loved the snow we got so that would be ok :)

Sonia Chauhan said...

I have a blog post planned for summer accesorizing and sunglasses and hats are a definite. Would like to say try playing with scarves on your hats for variety. I embraced hats in my early 20’s and attribute that and great skin care routine for my great skin now. All of these are great suggestions and things we can all do!

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