Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sweater Sweetness

I am so beyond ready for the colder weather to arrive. These early-AM chilly temps are right up my alley. And then, like clockwork, it's still heating up to a ridiculous level for what is now "Fall." At least, I guess, I do not live in SoCal, Florida or South Texas where they don't even get to experience those slight hints of the season change!

Here's hoping it snows again either in GA or
in NYC during our annual holiday visit :)
I'm not letting the warm weather distract me from preparing for the colder stuff to come, though. Before we know it, Fall and then Winter will be here to stay. Today, despite this 85 degree day we have going on, I picked up my new snow boots that arrived off of back order sale at REI! 

They are Sorels and they are amazing. I want to wear them with leggings and a snow jacket ASAP. The best thing about these boots are that they are timeless. Even if we don't get another ice storm for a few years, these will still be in style and will look great no many how many wears later. I can't really say the same thing for those boots that are all white and puffy with fur :)

The "mantle" is ready for Fall with the lantern display, and I have my Pumpkin Pie Yankee candle burning a few times a week. The crock-pot is back in consistent rotation for our dinners, and all that is left is to do a final wardrobe-swap for the long-sleeves, tights and sweaters.

At the end of each season, I make it a point to purge items from my drawers and closet as I swap out the seasonal boxes of clothes. Ready to go to Goodwill this time are a few over-worn summer work blouses and a skirt that just does not do it for me anymore. My rule of thumb is that if I haven't worn it all that season, and don't see myself wearing it again next season, in the donation bag it goes! That gives me that much more room for new clothes, I figure :) More to come on that soon - I have a closet clothes makeover coming later this week!

There are a few sweaters that I just can not bring myself to donate each year as I trade out clothes, though. This one was a favorite buy from GAP circa 2005, but the boxy shape and heavy weight make it pretty impractical for Atlanta weather. I haven't worn it in a few years, but I absolutely love the colors and softness of the cotton.

This one was a gift many, many years ago - it's a high-quality Charter Club sweater and used to look adorable over a collared button-up. Over 10 years later, though, the shape does not really flatter my body anymore.

I have kept these two sweaters, along with a few others, each season, and they take up precious room in my out-of-season clothes bins. I know that I could donate them, but I still have an emotional connection to them both, and want to figure out a way to keep them around without having to wear them. Perhaps as a sweater pillow?

Source and Tutorial

Love the toggles on this one, how fabulous.
Or maybe a coffee cozy that you can re-use over and over again!

Seen on Elements of Style. Purchase via Etsy.
How about some cozy cable mittens? These would be cute using that striped sweater ...

Source and Tutorial
The latest option I stumbled past were these adorable sweater vase covers!

My crafting side is itching to make one or two of these out of my much-loved knits. What would you do with your extra woolen wear?



Elise said...

I love the idea of sweater pillows! I have a few sweaters myself that I can't bear to get rid of- they would be adorable as a pillow!

Unknown said...

Elise - you will have to let me know if you try this with yours! I think they'd be super cute.

Unknown said...

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