Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wine Stories

This is a silly, short story. Gloomy days like today have left me with little to no inspiration :)

I like wine. Even better, I like cheap wine. Trader Joe's is my go-to stop two or three times a month for a quick bottle run. While I am Chuck-lover, I try and pick up some other non-Trader Joe's-labeled brands so that I can have a few on hand in case we have guests, or if I need to bring a bottle to a party or something.

While in the store a few weeks ago, I thought, hey, wouldn't it would be neat if I sampled a few bottles and told everyone what they tasted like? I like trying new brands, so why not share my own thoughts on wine with my friends. I could try four different brands and report back. Hooray! A blog post in the making! Off to the register I went.

Here were my four bottles. None cost more than $6. I even thought to line them all up all pretty and take a picture. That was starting off on the right foot, right? That night, I was home alone and so promptly popped a TJ's frozen pizza in the oven and uncorked Bottle #1, the Italian one on the left. The label said it was made especially for spicy and hearty foods, so I decided it'd be the perfect one to have with my spicy Italian pizza.

And so I drank. Other than thinking "yum, this is good," I took no notes. I may or may not have had a glass too many that night, in fact. Fail.

So the next bottle came and I said "Ok! Now is the time to pay attention!" I tried the Malbec, and brought it with me to a party. Again, one too many glasses later, and I had only thought to myself that it was really, really good, and that's all I got. Fail #2.

The third bottle was a Girls Night addition, the Coastal on the right. TJ's wine, but a step up in class with that cursive writing. If you know me, you know Girls Nights mean lots of wine....

So that fourth bottle is one I have already tried and I know I liked it. But I decided to save it for now because I like that label and it makes for a good talking point at a party. I am so scientific in my rating system, can't you tell?

Ok! Time for this test run again. I promise to kind of try and track what each one tastes like this time. I opened the middle Rex-Goliath last night and enjoyed it... and then forgot to write down why. But I like the rooster on the label ...

Katherine likes wine and Trader Joe's has good wine. The End.



Kristen said...

Both the Carmenere and the "blue" wine in the last set are go to wines in our house. They are both fantastic!

~ Kristen

Lisa said...

Trader Joe's wine is awesome - you just can't beat the price. We always have a case on hand as our "house" wine :)

Elizabeth @ Southern Color said...

I love that you tasted some TJ wines! I personally think they have great wine for the price!!

MyStyleVita said...

Great post! I love 2 buck chuck and I recently discovered that whole foods has their own sort of cheap wine line all under $3! You should try it!

I'm your newest follower! check out my blog at All things style with a touch of local scoops here in Atlanta!

sue h said...

Grocery stores in Maryland can't sell wine, so our local TJ doesn't stock 'em.

A friend introduced us to "cupcake" wine...a little out of our price range for everyday wine, but it was delish and good for a special occasion. I'm told it's about $10. But with a brand like cupcake, and a name like "Red Velvet," what's NOT to like?

(And it wasn't a sweet wine, as DH feared. Nice, full flavor. Check it out.)

Sue H. in B'more

Unknown said...

Kristen, Lisa and Elizabeth - I am so glad you agree!! :)

MyStyle - I had no idea about Whole Foods. I can't wait to check theirs out!

Unknown said...

Sue - YAY I am so glad you stopped by :) I have tried that flavor of Cupcake wine and really should pick up a few other varieties to see how they compare, because I also really enjoyed it ;)

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