Sunday, December 11, 2011

Holiday Down Time

As all holiday weekends do, this one just whirled right past me. Unlike other weekends, though, this one wasn't too crazy with plans. We had one birthday party to attend, but otherwise, this was a weekend of holiday prep.

The decor boxes, out two weeks without full completion, had to go, so up went those last few finishing touches. The stockings were hung (on the bookcase, since we have no fireplace) and Christmas mugs were taken out and filled with hot tea. The condo, in need of a deep-clean before a few holiday parties are hosted here, was scrubbed and prepped. The pantries, ready for another re-stock, were filled up with goodies for both guests and residents alike. Errands were run and gifts were wrapped.

The one thing that kept this weekend a bit less productive than it otherwise may have been was this.

This gosh darn tree. What a distracting, beautiful, wonderous sight. Many, many, many hours were spent sitting and just enjoying its splendor.

And that, my friends, is a pretty wonderful holiday weekend, to me. 

How are your holidays shaping up so far? Are you taking time to just soak it all in, or has it been crazy from the start?

PS. Can someone please tell me how to take a nice tree photo without the pleasure of owning a high-tech new camera? This photo does not do this tree justice! Thanks :)