Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Holidays with the Bossman

It's that time of year again. Time to have a cocktail or two while still being expected to make appropriate (and smart and savvy-sounding) conversation with the powers-that-be at your job. It's work holiday party time.

Drinks and conversation aside, though, how do you make a good impression on those that are in charge of your future career, paycheck and happiness each day? Whether at a local restaurant, your boss's house or the office cafeteria, a girl's gotta dress the part.

Enter the work-appropriate cocktail dress.  It is something of an allusion, as many may not consider the importance that attire can play in your career success. But as I mentioned earlier this week, dressing the part is always, always something you can influence, and it makes a big difference in how others perceive you. And no better time for this than at your holiday work party!

The Problem: Your work party is this Thursday, and you have nothing to wear.
The Solution: Easy. First, think about these three tips when you go out on the hunt ...

1. Keep it simple and chic. 
No need to bare it all. Remember, you have to see these people again on Monday (or the next day, if you have a weeknight party ...), so think covered shoulder(s) and not-too-tight fits. Something that is gathered at the natural waist is classic and provides the perfect silhouette even if you have one too many Chicken Satay appetizers.
For just under $40, you can grab up this simple stunner from my fav H&M.

2. Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize.
Grab up a basic dress and add some bling, whether through drop earrings or sparkly stilettos. An easy idea? Dress up any dress with your own belt with a big, shiny buckle for an added statement.

3. Stick with stores you love and set a budget.
Pick out the kinds of dresses you love, and go on the hunt at your local Tarjay, Kohl's, LOFT and H&M. H&M in particular is awesome for inexpensive frocks that you can dress up in all colors of the rainbow.

Target has you set up perfectly. Dresses that cover your shoulders and also allow for some easy accessorizing. All at a
very Betty fashion-worth price point.

And if all else fails, rent one.
Don't underestimate the options at Rent the Runway. I used the service for my birthday dress last year and loved it. As long as you read the reviews and pick out a dress that is likely to flatter your figure, you should be good to go. Order a bit in advance to get the best pick on dates/sizes. KJM Tip: Select the (free) second size option one-up from your usual size, just in case.

What are you wearing to your work holiday party this year, and what is the location and party vibe?



MyStyleVita said...

Love it! I work for a fashion company, so I think I can break a few of these rules. I'm wearing a cream lace super sexy ress but still appropriate. And purple suede shoes! LOVE!

xoxo Jessica

Unknown said...

Jessica - you bring up an excellent point. The clothes should definitely match the environment! Something like I posted about might be too casual for a corporate finance team party, but then since I work in PR, I wore skinny jeans and a sparkly top to my own :)