Saturday, March 10, 2012

Repainting Decisions

Hiya, friends! I am on a flight back from the great city of Portland, Oregon today -- and I can't wait to head back for a longer stay next time!

While in Portland, I got to enjoy Sizzle Pie (great, creative pizzas with huge NY-style slices), non-rainy days (the weather was mildly gorgeous for us by chance) and a fun, boutique hotel (Hotel Lucia in downtown). I couldn't believe my eyes to see snow-capped mountains just off in the distance, either! I know that Portland is close to Washington state and all sorts of Northern mountain ranges, but that whole concept didn't fully click in my head until we touched down and I saw it all with my own eyes. It was a gorgeous, laid-back city, and I am so glad I got the chance to experience a little bit of it all.

I am headed back to a busy week ahead, but mostly I am PUMPED because the condo is going to be painted this week! Of course, though, that also puts me into a mild spin of panic, because I may or may not have actually selected colors for the rooms yet. Ahem. As a result, you can guess what will be going on in Katherine's Condo tomorrow - Project Final Color Selection 101! 

The challenges I am facing are green/black marble countertops in both the bathroom and kitchen, a 1,000-sq. ft. open space that you can see almost all of from the entryway (conhesive and/or complimentary themes are thus a must), a green-themed bedroom that I would like to keep and cream/beige trim and ceilings (which aren't a problem, per se, but I like the colors and would like to compliment them with colors on the walls now). Mostly though, I am pretty dead-set on a chic, high-rise-fitting, gray living room. How to tie it all together?!

Here are some of my inspiration photos so far. Let me know what you think. What colors (specifically, Benjamin Moore paints) should I look into?

If you recall, I have black and white houndstooth chair in my living room, along with a cream sofa. I like how this gray ties together the bold prints ...

The blue-gray of this rug would look nice on the walls. I am glad I have found so many examples of the bold prints on the furniture, too - it makes my chair seem like an easy one to incorporate.

Maybe I can just extend the gray color into the bedroom (and bath/kitchen, perhaps?) without having to give up my green bedding and decor. This whisper-light gray gives a soothing color to the walls without clashing with all that green.

Source: via Katherine on Pinterest

I love how regal this dark gray looks. We wouldn't have white trim (necessarily) but I have high ceilings and oversized windows that let in a ton of light, so this wouldn't be too dark for me.

This is another great dark gray color. Again, would this work with cream trim instead? I feel like it might given all the light in the room.


My original love were these gray-blue walls plus all of the black accents, but given the elements of the greens in the other rooms, I am now thinking straight gray might be a better neutral to work with.

This gray might be a perfect choice - darker than some, but not so dark as to distract from the other room elements.

Chime in, friends! What do you think?



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