Monday, March 19, 2012

Shoes for Good

Never in my life did I think that I would be excited about velcro shoes.

But here I am, so incredibly pumped!

You see, I decided that when a spare gift card came my way, I'd use it not on something practical like groceries or shampoo, but rather on something useful for ME. That's right, ME.

And of course, my mind went to shoes. Y'all know me. I have a slight problem. But instead of using the gift card on these ...

Which of course beckoned to me because they are hot. And on sale. And in my size ...

 Hold, please. I may need to still buy those....


Ok back. I used the gift card instead on these. These fabulous, fabulous (and yet, affordable and entry-level) spin shoes.

That's right, everyone, I bought some workout gear instead of along with fabulous heels in hopes that they will help motivate my booty into the gym that much more. These are the types of shoes that clip into the bikes at the gym, making your legs work doubletime while you spin and spin and spin. Those holes on the bottom? They are for the cleats, which I need to go purchase and have installed by a professional. The cleats apparently are specific to the bike. I am hoping Peachtree Bikes knows what size cleats I need for LA Fitness.

I'd assume I won't be the first to ask that, though ;)

What's some workout gear you've purchased recently that is really helping you keep up with those workout goals? I am also eying some of those running shoes with made-for-your-foot insoles ...

PS. I will report back with a live shot of those heels in action too. Soon and very soon ... :)



Elizabeth @ Southern Color said...

Way to have self-control! I've been considering buying spin shoes, do they really give you a better work out? You'll have to let me know how you like them!

nathan said...

so I would check out

basically most likely they will use the SPD or the SPD-SL clips, but thankfully those shoes you have are compatible with almost everything, LOOK, SL, SPD, speed play, time MTB, etc etc. if I can help in any other way just holla as once upon a time, I was on the AU cycling team. oh and don't even think about trying to tried on the street till you have some time spent on the trainer.

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