Thursday, March 15, 2012

Meet St. Thomas

While I have wanted to own and raise a smart little West Highland White Terrier (a Westie) for longer than I can almost remember in my adult life, I have had to come to terms that a dog (especially a puppy, which is what I really would love) is really not practical in my world. Right now, that is. Someday, I will have the time, money and dedication to put towards raising a Westie all of my own. Of course, I am hoping that day comes sooner rather than later, because honestly, wouldn't a Westie just fit in perfectly in a high-rise condo in the middle of Buckhead? I think so :) Kidding. Kind of. Not really.

In the meantime, while I lust over Westies whenever I see them, I have had fun taking care of another pet, and I want to introduce you to him today. Meet a cute little fish named St. Thomas.

Fact: Named in honor of the island and the fun times we had there while visiting on a 2010 cruise, St. Thomas is also coincidentally the name of my childhood church! 

While named St. Thomas, this curious little Beta fish most often goes by "little guy," "little fishy," or "little buddy" whenever I am around him. I am oh so original in my naming, aren't I? I should probably also tell you up front that my childhood teddy bear was aptly named "Teddy," ha!

After hanging out with us for 8-10 months, we realized St. Thomas the little fishy was in dire need of a new home. We love watching him swim around and explore his castle, so why keep him in an old (purple) tank in the bedroom? He deserved a place of honor! But of course, I didn't want to shame him (read: I was too uppity) and put his old (purple, ugh) tank out in the middle of our black-and-cream colored living room. Thankfully, my brother came to the rescue by gifting us a brand new tank for the little guy! Thanks, C!

A new, bigger tank called for a stand all its own, so we added this basic black stand from Pet Smart to the room, too. Now the little fishy has a swank home all of his own, complete with a big new castle and some new foliage.

So if you ever are over at the condo, now you too can make friends with the little guy. He is very curious and will "play" with your fingers if you put them up close to the glass. He is also very smart, and comes to the same place to eat every day!

I hope you enjoyed meeting little St. Thomas the fish. And someday soon, I hope to also have the pleasure of introducing you to a cute little Westie, too :)