Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Slainte on Saturday

As my grandmother was famous for saying, "New Year's and St. Patrick's Day are for amateurs."

Not that it will stop this gal from celebrating her nearly-100% ancestry that much less, though ;)

But in all seriousness, guys and gals, St. Patrick's Day is most often celebrated in a ridiculously sloppy fashion. People are crammed into any tiny bar they can find, drinking and spilling green beer all over the place and generally skipping over a lot of the more fun parts of the day (the food! the parades! the freckles! haha). While I appreciate the sentiment of all these wannabe-Irish fans, I feel like we can all step it up a notch. So here is what I propose:

Lets celebrate our Irish roots (or lack thereof) by keeping it green and classy

How shall we do this, you ask? Well, here is a quickie list of ways you can experience the day, the leprechauns and the fun and still be the fabulous person you are ... aka not resorting to wearing green fairy wings or having to deal with too many over-served individuals ;)

Fado Irish Breakfast

Fado in Buckhead
What is it: This is one of my favorite spots year-round, but the Irish pub Fado steps it up on St. Patrick's Day by hosting a day-long street party. They will have Irish dancers, bagpipers and a U2 cover band starting at noon. Buy your tickets here.

Betty Tip: Skip the $15 cover and avoid the later (crazy) crowds by showing up before noon and enjoying a full-fledged Irish Breakfast to kick off your day. An Irish Breakfast includes two eggs, Irish sausages, rashers, black and white pudding, mushrooms, tomatoes and pan-fried potato bread. Plus, of course, a pint of your favorite liquid pleasure. It's a stellar way to prep for the day ahead. Check out FAQ about the day, parking and more here.

Whiskey Blue in Buckhead
What is it: Located on the rooftop of W Atlanta – Buckhead, Whiskey Blue will have Irish Car Bomb specials, $5 green draft beer, prizes and St. Patrick’s Day inspired bites. Their tagline: Get Bangered ... and Mashed. Ha! Get all the run down on what they have planned here.

Betty Tip: First of all, I love this rooftop bar no matter the day, so it's a nice option for what is going to be a really pleasant evening on Saturday. Also, cover for the event, which starts late around 9PM, is only $10 (compared to $15-30 at other spots) and it gets you two raffle tickets, too. Prizes include a one night stay at the W, Gerber Group Gift Cards and MARKET gift certificates. This sounds like it could be a perfect spot to stop by on your way back from the street festival at Fado!

St Patricks Day Parade in Downtown
What is it: Not feeling the bar scene no matter what? Grab your friends or your kids and head down to see the parade, instead! We might not have a green river, but this parade is sure to entertain. Get more info about the parade, participants and route here.

Betty Tip: Take MARTA to the parade, since downtown parking is scarce and pricey. And there's nothing stopping you from having that Irish Breakfast (and beer) first or immediately afterwards :)

Have a wonderful St. Patrick's Day, everyone! From my Irish family to yours :)