Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Blues and Grays and Greens

This week I am doing a mini-house tour of our brand-new condo look! We have been busy painting and decorating, stepping up this 1,000 square feet in the sky into something that is grown-up and geared-up for 2012 and beyond. I am sooo thrilled with the results and can't wait to show you what it all looks like!

Redecorating the condo has been a fun but challenging process. For someone who has lived in a world of mostly beige for almost four years, it was hard to imagine what walls full of color will look like. Even harder was figuring out the theme of the colors throughout the entire condo. See, we have granite counters in the bathroom and kitchen that look like this:

And brown cabinets that look like this in both rooms, too:

And floors and carpets that looked like this:

Add to that, a master bedroom full of greens and browns:

Whatever colors I chose, I had to choose wisely. With a place the size of this, too many colors might make the place seem smaller than it actually is, but then colors had to complement the natural fixtures and textures we already have in place.

Thankfully, I found three (yes, three!) colors that flow nicely from room to room -- so well, in fact, that you really wouldn't be able to tell that they are different at all. I know this because my party guests testified this over the weekend!

While I will reveal the entryway and living room colors tomorrow and Friday, today I wanted to showcase the dining room/kitchen and bedroom/bathroom colors I chose. You already saw a bit of the first with my book wreath post:

The dining room and kitchen have the same light blue-gray shade to them. Someday, I will get a grown-up camera to better capture these colors, but for now, here they are.

Imagine that "Gourmet" sign hung-up. It's our last hole to drill :)

It's so nice to have some color amongst the appliances and cabinets in the kitchen. It pulls everything together. 

This is the color of the living room and dining room, Gull Wing Gray 2134-50 from Benjamin Moore:

To complement the browns and greens of the bedroom and granite, we chose a brown-gray for the master suite, Benjamin Moore's Winter Gates AC-30:

And here is how it turned out! 

I love how glamorous the bathroom now feels. It was so plain before. 

Ignore all the items on the bed - I was so excited once the painting was done that I couldn't wait to snap a shot! :) 

 Clutch: the new color all but camouflages the obnoxiously-placed circuit breaker box in the master.

Of course, now that the walls were painted, it was time for some hanging to happen! I made some templates for our degrees, since they are very different shapes. This helped us pinpoint exactly where to use the hammer drill.

How lovely! Since both of us work in cube-world, it's nice to have a place for these beauties at home even without a true home office. 

Coming tomorrow: a living room reveal! In the meantime, what do you think? Do you like the first two color choices?