Monday, April 23, 2012

Bookly Decor

This week I am doing a mini-house tour of our brand-new condo look! We have been busy painting and decorating, stepping up this 1,000 square feet in the sky into something that is grown-up and geared-up for 2012 and beyond. I am sooo thrilled with the results and can't wait to show you what it all looks like!

Before the days of Pinterest, I was a Google Reader "star" person extradordinaire. In fact, even just thinking about the number of blog articles I have starred in my lifetime from hundreds and hundreds of blogs, bookmarking them for future inspiration or resource, makes my heart palpitate a bit, because I know firsthand that I likely will not be checking out most of those stars anytime soon (or ever again). Maybe I should go back and start pinning some of those articles instead ...

There were a handful of starred articles, though, that I kept going back to again and again over the years. My friend Living with Lindsay's 2009 article about a book wreath was one of them.

I loved how she took something so simple -- a paperback book and a craft wreath -- and turned it into this statement piece! Plus, I love to read, so I knew one day, I'd like to have this wreath in my home, too. Too bad, though, I had all beige walls. A beige wreath on beige walls just wouldn't do.

UNTIL we got the condo painted :) :)

As soon as the paint was dry on the walls, I started scheming on what mini-decor updates I wanted to do around the house. First on my list was making my own book wreath!  Lindsay's tutorial was really easy to follow. I sat down with a nice glass of wine one night after work and got to work. A few touch-ups the next day once the pages had set, and I was done!

I am loving the unique texture and depth the wreath adds to the wall. Plus, I love that I made it myself! I feel so crafty :) It looks nice in the corner by my cello, too. That wall was always so awkwardly bare.

Thanks Lindsay, for the inspiration!

Have you crafted decor for your home recently? Was it a pin redux, or just homemade inspiration? Do tell!