Monday, May 21, 2012

Lazy but Crazy Weekend

We've got a busy few weekends coming up, there's just no way around it. Days full of brew tours (buy a ticket today and help a great cause!), symphony nights (Love the orchestra? This one could be for you, too, not just for GT grads), weddings, showers and parties.

Totally fun, right? Yeah! But in the meantime, I made sure to spend this last weekend, the one weekend in the near future with absolutely ZERO plans on the agenda, however the heck I wanted :)

Besides lots of sunshine, TV-time and general sitting around (usually with a drink in hand, don't judge), the best part of the weekend is when I picked up this bad boy:

Image Source
That's right. After about five years of Blackberry Mc-lovin', my beloved Torch wasn't holding a battery charge anymore. Since I had already replaced the battery once, I decided I could use my upgrade eligibility and make the big jump. And I am so glad I did!

Now I am finally part of the world that includes Words with Friends, Instagram, the Pinterest app and fun custom covers. Speaking of covers, I ordered my own off my fav Erin Condren last night and can't wait for it to arrive. In the meantime, I am warming up my Instagram skills. LOVE this app! Why oh why didn't they figure this out for Blackberry earlier?!

I made meringue! Love that stand mixer.
Instagram and this new phone shows off the condo's paint job much better!!

Homemade pie and soup (and wine...) on a Sunday evening. We are so grown up ;)

So friends, add me to your world. Follow me on Instagram at @bheadbettyonabudget!