Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Tie Me Up

Even though I love accessories, there are some that are perplexing to me. Chunky bracelets are one category. I physically can not type while wearing them, so most days I wear to them to/from my desk, taking them off as soon as I sit down. Need a new Diet Coke? Put them back on. Time for a meeting? Gather up the bracelets and stack them back onto my wrists. It seems silly, but it's functional while still being fashionable, so I don't really care.

The scarf is another one of those things. I have collected a few pretty ones in the recent years that are meant to be worn year-round and indoors (as opposed to their cold weather sisters), but I always seem to be fiddling with them slash half-choking myself when I wear them. Some of my friends throw scarves on effortlessly. And I could never figure it out.

Thankfully, Pinterest has helped me.

I think I shared this site a while ago, but as most things are on Pinterest, I kind of forgot about it until I sat here on the second straight scarf day, annoyed with the thing I had decided to have hanging around my neck. I did a quick Pinterest search and voila, I found a solution.

It adds a different look to this scarf, which I have previously worn just wrapped around my neck a few times, sometimes tight, sometimes loose:

Today, I tried the "fancy braid" and really like it!

Fellow scarf love-haters, I urge you to try out one of these new "looks" for yours and add a new dimension to that outfit!