Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Beauty Confessions

Time for a Top Ten Tuesday! I have missed these.

Today? It's time to confess. I am not the most organized or even (gasp) hygienic gal when it comes to beauty. I have my trade secrets (which I have been "planning" a vlog on for some time now) but honestly? I am a quick and dirty (ha) make-up and beauty product person.

Guys? Sorry. This one is kind of geared to the ladies. You understand, don't you? :) Come back later this week, when I will have a write-up of an awesome new Buckhead dinner+bar location that is sure to give you chills. 

Top Ten Tuesday: Beauty Confessions

I confess that ...

1) I have been using the same concealer for a likely unhealthy amount of time. We are talking years, y'all. I keep it in my desk makeup bag for emergencies. You know, the "it's 6PM on a Friday and I am going straight to the restaurant from work so I must cover up under-eye bags and look cute and awake" emergencies. Don't judge.

Honestly? She's still gorg makeup-free. Image Source
2) I have all sorts of lipsticks and glosses in my stock, but I really die if I don't have a Blistex on me. And I call it a Chapstick. Just to keep people on their toes. I am a 100% chapstick (Blistex) addict. Speaking of, where is mine?

3) You will rarely see me in public without eye makeup on, but I have been getting more and more brazen with this one recently. Maybe it's because I am rocking the whole casual baseball hat look more and more on the weekends. Under that cap and with my oversized sunglasses on, you'd never know that my eyelids are see-through. This must be how movie stars get caught in those horrible Star Magazine cover photos.

4) I buy 90% of my beauty products at the drug store. Stay tuned for that vlog so I can show you what's in my beauty bag and what are my tried-and-true must-haves!

5) I don't wash my hair every day. And as a result, I have better hair days on the days that I do the full wash-blowout-straighten routine. My hair has time to recover on the off days from the heat stress and shows less breakage over time. Witness my next-day hair styles and be inspired to skip that next hair wash yourself.

Image Source

6) I think I read somewhere that you should wash your makeup brushes regularly. I don't. Every few months, I think, oh, I should wash that eyeshadow brush. And then I do. Maybe :) 

7) I have never used bronzer or eye cream in my life. I am a fair Irish gal, so I don't kid myself. I am pale and have see-through eyelids. I got over it.

8) I may be going to h-e-double-hockeysticks for this one, but I have also been using the same eyebrow pencil for years. To my credit, I stopped using it for a few years in the middle there, but it's an old-school pencil with a long life. Plus, I figure it's a pencil, so just use a sharpener and any bad germs get shaved right off. Right? Right?? 

This? Don't do it! Trust me!
 9) I have dyed my hair twice, once on purpose and once to correct an at-home catastrophe (at-home highlighting? A no-no. Trust). Today's brown? 100% au-natural, and I don't think I will ever change it.

10) I scan the magazine "beauty buys" articles to see if they list the products I use. If they don't, I think "they are so silly to forget product X," and then don't pay attention to the other products they rave about.

What about the rest of you? What beauty confession do you have to share? Are any of these applicable to you? And knowing I have some men readers who may have braved this list even though I warned them, do you have any personal hygiene confessions to share (if I dare to ask?)?