Thursday, June 28, 2012

Feel the Chill

Atlanta is such an ever-changing town with restaurants and bars. I only have to drive one minute down the road to see something new every few weeks. While I love the old stand-bys, I also love that you never know what cool, new place is going to open up around the corner.

While I heard about the Czar Ice Bar a month or so ago (from my mom - go Mom!), I hadn't heard much else about this new sushi + vodka spot until they reached out to me earlier this week with an invite to attend a tasting evening. You all know how I love me some V, so I was of course in! I also love sushi, and have been looking for a nice "date night appropriate" sushi spot nearby ever since Bluepointe closed (sad days).

Czar Ice Bar opened up about two months ago in a space which used to be the bar for Andrews Upstairs. Located directly next to that popular music destination, it's no wonder that Czar has a great late-night appeal and a feel of city glam.

Feeling the warmth of this crazy hot heatwave hitting A-town? Grab a seat by the bar, which, no joke, is made of ice!

If you are a vodka-drinker, your head is about to spin. The Czar Ice Bar menu has not just one huge side of their menu dedicated to the clear liquid, but half of the front side of the menu, too! We sampled a variety of V last night when we were there, but my favorite was the 7even-7even-0h. Clever pun of our phone area code aside (I love that kind of thing!), I loved seeing the bartender flambe a piece of grapefruit to rub down the edges of the glass.


BB Tip: If they don't bring you any, ask for some water, too, because even though many of these vodkas are as smooth as water, they are not water! An easy mistake for your mind to make, especially after one or two or three. Preach. 

We loved that the vodka flights came out in their very own ice mold to keep things as cold as possible!

The sushi? Also fantastic. While we didn't try any of the nigiri or sashimi, my man has tried it there on another recent occasion and said it was some of the best he's had around town. We tried a lot of their special menu items last night, instead, like the Lobster Roll (so good):


A serious caveat -- this is a vodka and sushi bar. If you don't like one or the other, there isn't much on the menu for you. They do have sodas, some beers and wine, but really don't offer many other liquors.
Not a fan of sushi? Their spring rolls and goyza dumplings were fantastic, too, and could make a good meal when combined with an order of edamame.

This wall of vodka makes me happy :)

So, our review? A must-do if you are a vodka lover, and a great date night spot for some sushi-craving fans. They have a late-night dress code, so don't expect to walk in with flip flops or shorts on. It's a good spot to leisurely hang out, too. Grab a spot on the couches and sip some V while you wait for your sushi. 

We can't wait to go back! Thanks, Czar Ice Bar!

Disclosure: I was invited to a complimentary tasting event and was able to try menu items that appealed to us. All opinions are my own. 



Chelsea said...

This sounds like heaven! Double date sometime?!

Elizabeth @ Southern Color said...

This sounds awesome!! I had never heard of it either. It would be a fun place to grab a cocktail!

Anonymous said...

Great review for a cool new place in Buckhead. Their vodka selection is incredible and the sushi rocks!

Unknown said...

Chelsea - YES! Def!!

Elizabeth - it would be a super fun late-night drink place, for sure, or for sushi and drinks on a Friday after work!

Anon - so glad you agree!!