Friday, July 27, 2012

Blogging Away {My Blogging Goals}

It's been ... wow, three years and three days since my very first blog post ever. 

Thinking back on that post, written (literally) in the lobby of the famed BlogHer conference that summer, I can't believe how much has changed. I had been experimenting on Twitter, sharing local events, snapshots of cool digital facts and my own life stories for over a year at the time, but even then was nowhere near the nearly 2,000 followers I have today (where did you all come from?!).

My condo was practically barren, too -- I was only about a year into ownership and had only barely gotten a coffee table and another chair for guests to sit on. Today, my condo finally looks like a grown-ups home, and I couldn't be happier with the progress I have made slowly over time with it all. Pinching pennies on the stilettos and Starbucks here and there allowed me to have the whole place painted this past spring, and some new area rugs and window treatments are next on the list.

Aww. Look at me, saying cheese for the cameras at BlogHer 2009 in Chi-town!

Most importantly, though, I was still a relative newbie to the blogging world back then, having worked with bloggers for two years but really only just beginning what has become a full-blown career in the practice today. All of these years later, I have tried to drink in every piece of advice and take note of every best practice I have witnessed within the blogging community, so that I can make the most of this very blog here, too. Along the way, I made the shift to brand the blog (love you, Blue Lux!) with a look and feel, got my very own business cards made up to match and started working with some local and national companies to share some really cool opportunities and products with you, my readers.

Now that I am few years into it all, a few of my friends and family members have asked me "what's next" with Buckhead Betty. It's been something I have been thinking hard about over the last few months (okay, probably a year) and I have come up with some goals for what I want to do next. Take a look, and let me know what you think. I can't wait to (attempt to) dig into this list and get to work!

* Create and maintain a blogging editorial calendar
Talk about practice what you preach. While I create these for clients all the time, my own editorial calendar has been seriously lacking. At any one time, I have a handful of ideas running through my head for the next blog post ... but no real plans about how and when I want to execute it. Add to that a busy work/life balance and the blog post ... well, you've seen it, sometimes, it doesn't happen :)

* Ask you, my readers
Stay tuned. I really, really want to do a reader survey about content with you all soon. I just need to sit down and create it. I know full-well that there are a lot of male readers on here, so while I know that they don't particularly love the OOTD or wedding posts, I also don't know what the many female readers want, either. It's time to get statistical about it.

* Follow along with the 5 Days of PR Challenge from fellow PR gal, Cassie over at Ask a PR Blogger
The editorial calendar is on this list, along with the deeper dive into what is working on my blog and what's not, the goal of developing a press kit (yes, please), updating my About page ... ok well actually, her entire 5 Day course is pretty much a lot of my goals, ha!

* Imagery 101
I want to figure out if and how I can make mood-board images with font laid right on top (here's an idea I pinned about that) and/or if I want to make an investment for Photoshop on my Mac and step my game up all around. I am thinking the latter is a bit too much (unless I go and take a class or two to get up to speed and make it worth it), but I want to sit down and think/explore about the options.

* Dedicate a weekend or a vacay day or two to actually do all of these things
I have learned all too well that given my daily schedule, my blogging priorities are usually focused mainly on writing posts, not taking things to the next level like I have outlined here. I need to prioritize things (in my fancy Erin Condren planner, of course!) for a Sunday or two and get down to business!

So stay tuned, faithful readers, I am on a mission to make this site even better for you :)



Daniel Stoller said...

Sounds like you've made some great accomplishments, and that you have some huge plans for the future! You've already been doing a great job with your writing, so keep it up!

Unknown said...

Daniel - thank you so much!!