Thursday, August 23, 2012

Here Comes Fall!

We have been so, so blessed here in Atlanta over the last few weeks. Following what was the hottest July on record for most of the lower 48, we have seen an incredibly cool August in comparison to our normal stifling temperatures. We have had low-humidity days with mornings that rival those of October. I swear I saw my breath on an early morning run last week, no joke! Even tonight, as I sit here with the patio door open (in August?!), a cool breeze is coming through ahead of an evening thunderstorm. Ahhh.

Of course, this is all just teasing us. We all know that come September and football Game Days, we are going to be out there baking on a Saturday afternoon in the stadium with the temps near 90. But that doesn't stop a gal from dreaming, right?

When Pinterest launched last year, I was one of those early adopters who had just enough time to make a Fall-inspired board before the winter hit. That gets me out ahead of the game this year, ready with Fall recipes, photos, crafts and decor ideas.

Come on Fall! I am ready for you!

I can wear outfits like this ....

And make cute Boo cookies like these ...

And oh my, pumpkins! How city-chic these ones are. Forget the carving!

Someday, I will live once again in a place that has long enough seasons for the leaves to look (and stay) like this for a few weeks!

I mean, I am working on a bottle of wine right now that could make a perfect base for this adorable decoration. Perhaps I should drink a bit faster so that I can get these made?!

So easy! Isn't this Washi tape? I haven't used that stuff yet but the decor/craft bloggers go nuts over it. I can see why, if that's all you have to do to take mini pumpkins from "aw" to "AWWW"!

I need a Fall wreath! My door is feeling too bare these days.

How about you? What's a pin that has you counting down the moments til the first day of Fall? Leave a link and share the inspiration!

And in the meantime, go check out my fav pin -- a great list of why Fall is so wonderful!