Monday, August 20, 2012

Globally Inspired

Part of what I have come to love about writing this blog is that I am often told about all sorts of cool local things that I get to pass along to you all to enjoy, too! This one is no exception.

Credit: SEEN Global

I heard about SEEN Global a month or so ago and have been following along with them ever since. This local Atlanta accessories company appealed to my fashionista side with their cool, travel-inspired lines, and when I learned that their products are all fair trade, I knew they were going to see success.

Credit: SEEN Global

SEEN Global's mission is to infuse culturally inspired accessories into everyday fashion, while highlighting the talent and tradition of international artisans. The ethnic and tribal designs are fresh and unique, and everything is handmade, which means one-of-a-kind collectables in your jewelry box. While I love traditional jewelry (you will never see me without my two rings, for example, and I often throw on a good pair of pearls), I love jazzing up an outfit with statement jewelry, and SEEN Global's lines are just what I look for -- something unique that you won't see anywhere else.

Here's a little information about SEEN Global's newest line, the Vintage Sari Bracelets by Green Sewn:

Credit: SEEN Global
The latest addition to the SEEN Global collection is a line of vintage sari bracelets handmade from the softest, prettiest vintage saris in New Delhi, India. These new sari bracelets are chic and unique! Each bracelet is one-of-a kind, as the fabrics are cut from different parts of the sari and then hand woven into a bracelet. Hand dipped 14k gold chains or tiny crystals add a fashionable flair to each bracelet, so take your pick! 

Credit: SEEN Global

Credit: SEEN Global
I think this idea is so cool. Saris are the traditional dress of Indian women, and I have seen so many gorgeous ones at the weddings and events of some of my Indian friends. They are usually made out of silk, and the colors, patterns and textures are amazing. What a fun way to combine culture with a fashion statement piece! 

"These vintage sari bracelets are the perfect way to infuse culture into fashion, which is what SEEN Global is all about!”
~ SEEN Global’s owner and buyer, Natalie 

Lucky for us, we can shop these new sari bracelets online and get $5 off any order of $25 or more through August 31. Just use the promo code GLOBALGAL. 

Thanks, SEEN, for keeping us in the know about the latest and greatest in global fashion!

Disclosure: I was provided information for this post but was not compensated in any way.



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