Friday, August 17, 2012

If You Really Knew Me

A fashionista blogger that I love to follow shared her own list of "If You Really Knew Me" facts today, and it's inspired me to write up a list of my own! So you think you know me? Try these on for size!

If You Really Knew Me ...

You'd know that sunny days make me happy, but cloudy days make me even happier. Especially when I can lay around in cozy sweats and do nothing for that day.

You'd know that when other are sad, I feel really sad, and that when others are happy, I feel really happy. I soak up the energies and can't help it when they consume me.

You'd know that I love party dresses, stilettos, jewelry and any other super girly attire.

You'd know that family is the most important thing to me, followed by my friends and all of our happiness. Other things not in that group? Not important. Just things. I try and keep the focus on those top three.

If You Really Knew Me ...

You'd know that I am sucker for a good episode of Sex and the City, and can't turn it off if it's on, even when I know all the lines (which is all of the episodes).

You'd know that I never felt like I fit in with the "it" girls growing up, but once I got older, I realized that I could just find other girls and be "it" girls with them, instead. And you know what? We are pretty fabulous, if I do say so myself.

You'd know that I bleed gold and white but also have adopted and learned to love some navy and orange in recent years. 

You'd know that I classify myself as a planner, but more and more have been finding myself letting go and just going with the flow when I can.

If You Really Knew Me ...

You'd know that I've never had an ex-boyfriend, but have a few ex-gal pals, and I think that those are almost worse. Guys come and go, but it's the girls that really hurt when you can't call them friends anymore.

You'd know that I dream of someday having a family, of traveling and living abroad, of being a full-time blogger ... and that I am lucky enough to have found someone that wants those things for me and for us, too. 

You'd know that I don't need a lot to take me from sad to glad. A good hug, pretty flowers in a garden and my favorite song on the radio all can turn my entire day around.

If You Really Knew Me ...

You'd know that to really know me, you gotta be yourself around me, too. Only then will I really be me ;)



Elise said...

I love these! Might have to do one of my own. And I agree, ex gal pals can be worse. Ending friendships bothers me for years!

Unknown said...

Elise - thanks so much! It was kind of therapeutic to write them all down! And oh man, the gal pals - so tough!!