Sunday, September 16, 2012

Falling Into Orange

Nothing like a day of college football to remind a gal that the new fall season is here!

Since I took up the relationship with this man over here many years ago, I not only continued my love of the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets, but became a War Eagle-crying gal, too. I am not a quick supporter of teams, either, mind you. I already cheered hard for Clemson whenever I could (read: whenever they weren't playing Tech!) alongside good friends and my cousin. And a familial heritage tie-in with the Fighting Irish up at Notre Dame has given me mostly losing seasons (until this one, so far!) but I still wore their sweatshirt on cold winter days. Other than that, I have been cheering solely for the boys in gold and white every week of the fall for many, many years. Oh, and any team that's playing UGA, I guess ;)

Maybe it's because I already had a thing for tigers, or maybe it's because their team is historically a great one to watch, but I have really come to love me some Auburn Tigers! We have had a fun time cheering on our two teams each year and teaching each other about the traditions, songs and players that make each one unique.

This season, we are lucky enough to get to attend two Auburn games along with our season tickets to Tech. I love that Atlanta is just a short two-hour drive down to Auburn, plus you gain an hour going there with the time change. That meant that we could easily make yesterday's 11AM CST game in Auburn with tailgating time to boot by leaving Atlanta at 8AM EST!

Because I am a girl, and because game day attire is something that is VERY important in the South, navy and orange attire has been top of mind for me. These young girls down in Auburn have a totally different sense of game day fashion, and it involves mostly dresses and cowboy boots. The boots thing, while popular at many southern schools for a long time, are not something Georgia Tech girls wear a lot of, so I will be choosing to just skip that and pull on the flat boots instead. But I do have a dress that I will be wearing for the next game!

Here are some of my favorite navy and orange looks going right now. While many of these could be a great game day ensemble, I also think they all would look perfect for fall, no matter what team you cheer for! Orange and navy make it easy to combine late-summer looks and breeze right into fall.

For example, I totally have a jacket like this. It can take a summery orange dress into fall-wear that is perfect for the office.

This orange maxi would look great with a blazer like above, or with a denim jacket to keep things more casual.

Atlantic-Pacific always knows how to pair poufy stripes with a bold color choice appropriately.

I am loving the layered combination of chambray and the scarf here!

Orange and navy wedding themes are so adorably preppy!

You know my love of a good polka dot!

This skirt and these boots ... !

Source: via Jamie on Pinterest

Or this skirt and these boots!!

Do you have any favorite orange and/or navy looks that you are eying for the fall ahead?



Lisa said...

I literally was at the mall earlier today and all I bought was orange & blue clothing!! Although, UF's shades are slightly different from Auburn's ;)

gail@My Repurposed Life said...

Yep, I'm looking forward to pairing a special orange shirt with a nice pair of work jeans later this week. ;)


Unknown said...

Lisa - yes... UF isn't quite my fav shades ;) Ha!

Gail - yay for the orange shirt crew!! :)