Monday, September 10, 2012

Little Yays

As my mind has been slipping all over the place recently, from football tailgate recipes to wedding plans to the usual chores and food shopping lists, sometimes, it's the little things that make one day stand out from another day.

Last week, a tweet did just that for me. A fellow PR gal and friend, Amanda, gave me a shout to let me know that, by golly, I had been featured in the latest Jezebel Magazine!

Jezebel is a local Atlanta magazine featuring everything that's hot and happening around town. I love them for their social event pictures (note to self: go to more of those!) and they always interview cool locals like restauranteurs and up-and-coming celebs.

I just can't believe that I have been featured in there too, now!

Jezebel featured me in their "Tweet Elite," a section that highlights folks around town with fun-to-follow Twitter accounts. This issue, though, the "Tweet Elite" are all "uber-stylish Atlantans" to follow "for the latest fashion 411." Yay! How flattering!! :)

And this is the fun write-up they did for me, along with their handpicked tweet from my Twitter account:

Maybe my mind wandering isn't just a recent trend? ;) 

Thank you so much, Jezebel Magazine, for featuring me! I am honored, and you totally made my day week month!!