Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Little Loves

You know how the days sometimes all blur together and all of a sudden, POOF, it's the end of the week? Yep, that's how I feel most weeks right about now. I am oh so glad to have done so much of our wedding planning over the summer, because sure enough, the fall is just about as busy as I expected it to be. Right now, I am just trying to soak up all the little moments while taking a second to look around and breathe. I know oh too well that the fall colors, crisp mornings and lazy football weekends will soon enough be gone, too, so I am making the most of it all while I can.

Right now, I am doing some serious loving on ...

ModCloth and their fabulous dresses. Have you ever purchased from ModCloth? I made a "wishlist" on their site of some favs like this cute one so that they can alert me to changes in prices and inventory. The prices range mostly around $50-100, and you can find dresses in every color and style.

Fall evenings with time to run before it gets dark. I did a quickie 3.5 miler yesterday around the park in Midtown, and am planning another one for tomorrow! Note to non-runners out there: the below image describes my workouts. It's a constant battle for me, too :)

DaveFM 92.9 and their awesome songs even though 9/29 has long since passed and "The Game" sports talk radio is soon to take took the channel over today from the DJ-less (tear) channel. I miss you, Mara and Sully! I loved that auto-DJ served up some good oldie throwbacks in the channel's last days. Jimmy Eats World's The Middle? Amazingness.

Boots. Leggings. Cozy clothes. Enough said.

Having time to breathe and catch up on things here and there. Right now: wedding vendor emails and hotel bookings, Twitter and fall magazine lusting.

Are you taking a minute here and there to just relax and make the most of things? What things are you loving on right now? 



Daphne said...

Recently, I've come to enjoy game night with my Beau. I look forward to good ole' Monopoly a couple of times a week. Also, we expanded our little family by four feet with a new kitten, Winston! Of course, comfy and warm clothes help when making the long trek across campus to classes throughout the week. :)