Saturday, November 3, 2012

Past and Present

As this little old blog has grown in readership, I have had lots of opportunities to explain the background of its name to my new visitors and followers. Those of you local to the Atlanta area are of course hip to the "Buckhead Betty" phrase and all that the "Buckhead" word means, but to outsiders, our little neighborhood is not much more a span of blocks within the gigantic metropolis of ATL. And while I can sum up why I love living here in a single blog post, there is a ton of history that even I don't know all about yet, all these years later.

Luckily for all of us, tourists and locals alike, the Atlanta History Center has us set. They are hosting a new series of history lessons made just for adults. They are combining the past with pints ... of beer!

From their website:

Huzzah!  We’re pumped to tell you about a new monthly event designed to introduce you to the history of Atlanta… We think the name says it all - Party With the Past: Free History, Cold Beer. This free history series will take place at a different historic spot in the city each month. Here at the AHC, history is our passion, and we hope this event series will be a great way to introduce people to Atlanta, our museum staff, and famous Atlantans (alive and dead).

Fun! Luckily for us, this month's topic is all about Buckhead, and how our neighborhood got its name. This preview video pokes a little fun at our uppity area and also hints at our true background:

Who wants to join in with me for the event coming up in a few weeks? This sounds intriguing, and how can you go wrong with a happy hour that also educates?! You can RSVP for the event here on their website. Let me know if you decide to attend. I am planning on being there because, after all, no Betty can be TOO prepared for a pop history quiz ;)



Annemarie said...

Sounds like a fun event - ill invite a few med school friends for a study break.