Thursday, December 13, 2012

Holiday Check-In

As always, the holiday season is a blur. I thought I'd pop over and share some of the (many) things running through my head these days.

* My wedding dress has come in. Talk about a wake-up call that things are getting close! Like any girl, I want to make sure I look good in that dress on the big day. I decided that while my workouts might need to scale back since I haven't quite figured out how to balance them with my new job/schedule, I could at least focus on the food/drink part for now. I started Weight Watchers again in full last Monday, and lost two pounds the first week. If I can keep this up for a few weeks, and add in some serious workouts once January hits (I'm just being realistic here!), I should be just fine in that dress ;)

* I really love holiday parties with my girlfriends :) Last night's cookie exchange was a huge success, as always. Thanks to all of my lovely friends who joined in the fun!

* Holiday parties + Weight Watchers is a really hard balance. I am determined to pace myself and still enjoy the season. One splurge does not equal a fail. Lots of splurges do, though. I am holding tight and trying to keep any splurge days to one day/week, and stick strictly to WW the other days. This should help get me through the season without feeling deprived of those wonderful holiday cookies, foods and beverages.

* I am about to turn 29. What a lame number is that?! Ugh.

* Holiday shopping ... is almost done. I have a few presents left to pick out this weekend, but I have an idea for all of them, at least. How is your shopping coming along?

* It's so refreshing to be happy every day. Waking up with motivation is an awesome thing!

* Lots of wedding planning questions from friends recently. Here's a two sentence run-down: we just got the invitations in (!), we have ordered the guys' suits and have some favor prep underway. Next up: booking shuttles for the guests, finalizing rehearsal dinner details and selecting our menu. Hooray!

Even though this season is notoriously crazy, I remind myself every day to stop and look around. I love spending a few minutes each day gazing at our pretty tree, singing along with a holiday song on the radio and reading the holiday cards from our friends. That's what matters after all!

Enjoy your next 12 days of Christmas!! 



Elizabeth @ Southern Color said...

It's so tough to keep up with work-outs during the holidays. Most nights have something planned with friends or family and that when I usually go to the gym. I like your idea of just watching what I eat, that's much more manageable with time constraints!

Are you getting married in Atlanta? Happy Friday!!

Unknown said...

Elizabeth - it is helping me get through each busy day, for sure! Best of luck for you, too. And funny enough, I wanted to do a wedding post with some details - I just published it now! :)