Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Holiday Gift Idea: Jolly Nuts

When you have family and friends spread out across the country, it's easy to get stuck on what you can buy and send their way to really show you are thinking about them during the busy holiday season. And even harder, what about that boss or special client? Those are even harder gifts to buy.

Last week I received a wonderful box in the mail from the Jolly Nut Company, a family-based company out of Fort Valley, Georgia. Jolly Nut has combined the perfection of buying local and sending national with their selection of treats. 

You know those words that are pronounced differently in different parts of the country? Tom-ay-to, tom-ah-to? Ant vs. ahhhnt? I usually don't realize how I say these words, but sure enough, I noticed the other day that despite my Jersey blood, I say "pecan" like "puh-cahn." My Georgia friends will love knowing this :)

Either way you say it, roasted nuts make the perfect gift idea for that special aunt or corporate client. Jolly Nut was founded in 1924 and grows their own pecans down on their farmlands. They sent me a sampling of some of their most popular nuts to try out myself:

* Roasted and salted pecans
* Chocolate halves
* Sugar n' spice pecans
* Praline pecans
* Peach pecans
* Sweet and salty pecans

I thought I would be all in control and, you know, open one of the bags at a time to sample. Nope. I was a little ridiculous and opened each bag and tried a few of each right there on the spot. So good! My favorite three were the chocolate halves (my chocolate-loving Grandma would love these), the sweet and salty pecans (tasted like a sugar and spice pretzel from the mall!) and what they said was their most popular product, the roasted and salted pecans. That variety in particular made an excellent post-game treat for us after watching the conference playoff games last weekend, and would be great for any sports lover in your life. The roasted and salty flavors were addicting!
Jolly Nut Co. Bountiful Baskets

Are you interested in Jolly Nuts for your holiday shopping? Head to their website and check out their full selection. They offer a variety of gift baskets and tins as well as huge party packs of their basic pecans that you could have on hand for parties or baking.

Thanks, Jolly Nut, for sharing the goodness! They were all wonderful!

Disclosure: I received product in exchange for this post, but all opinions are my own.



Anonymous said...

These gift packs are in no way for people on a budget!

Unknown said...

Anon - While the largest buckets like the ones I featured above range in price from $75-100+, and might make a great gift for a family or client team, Jolly Nuts also offers many smaller gift options for those on a budget or if you are sending something to an individual. Check these out:

Snazzy Tin Tub ($55)
Chocolate Pecan Clusters ($32)
Combination Gift Tin ($45)

Happy shopping!

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