Monday, December 3, 2012

Living Room Decor Complete

As my loyal readers know, I have been slowly hacking away at a full-scale condo redecoration plan. After four years in the condo, things are finally starting to look like "home," rather than constantly in a state of a mid-decoration scheme. The rooms flow from space to space, without looking too overdone or crowded, and I can sit on the couch and enjoy the view in the evenings, rather than mentally running through things I want to change.

For years, I have been documenting these things here on the blog. Nearly two years ago, I ran through a list of home improvement desires including pull-out drawers, track lighting and curtains/window treatments. While those items are still on the wish list (the window treatments will be the next big home purchase!), I did manage to cross off steam cleaning the couch and hanging all of our photos and art. It was amazing how much those two things made a difference.

My sense of decor style has been evolving through this whole process. I brainstormed about color choices in the condo for years, after starting with a blank beige template and black and white furniture. Things went from blah beige ...

to bright yellow ...

to the current dark and stormy gray, which I love so hard it hurts.

With the walls freshened up and paintings all hung, at the end of this past summer, I went all-in and scoped out area rugs to "finish" the look. After submitting an order for a punch of yellow (I guess I loved that yellow wall more than I realized?) to enliven the floors, I was really disappointed with the rug that I had picked out when it arrived. It was way too thin -- not at all the plush rug I wanted under my feet while relaxing in my living room. Back to the store it went, and onwards my search continued.

Thankfully, I happened onto during Black Friday sale time, and grabbed up an unbelievable rug at an even more unbelievable price.

Rather than $800+, I picked up this rug for only around $200. For real! I just can't get over what an amazing deal it was. It's wool, huge and super plush. Best of all, it finally (finally) completes the room look I was going for.

While we still have window treatments to upgrade, in the mean time, I can sit on my couch and just relax for once. Sure, the dining room needs a rug of its own and the kitchen drawers need some serious organizer trays, but at least the living room is done!

What to-do's have been dragging down your home wishlist for way too long? What's holding you back from checking them off? Price? Time? Logistics?



Tidy-Up Gal said...

That rug is so cute it made me smile! I love the way it looks with the wall color!

Bunnie said...

I was looking at that same rug in Navy! Looks super cute

Mellisa said...

Wonderfully crisp and always interesting!

Unknown said...

@Tidy-Up and @Bunnie - thank you!!

@Bunnie, the navy one is awesome as well, you would love it.

Ashley said...

OOHHHH, just stumbled on your blog from pinterest. Really really love that rug. We are in the process of buying a home, so I am going to def check out rugusa! thanks:)