Sunday, February 17, 2013

8 Weeks To Go: Reality Check

Hi, old friends. I've missed you these past few weeks.

I know I have been here, there and everywhere recently. I check in here with a post or two every few days. Some recipes. Some thoughts. Some randomness from my life. Let me tell you, sometimes that other shoe has to drop, and it has dropped for me. Wedding things have shifted to the #1 priority outside of work and family. Right behind that, I am trying desperately to keep my own workouts high on the ranks. That dress better fit like a glove, after all. And time with friends ... well, I will see my friends at the wedding events, LOL.  Sorry, guys. This also includes my bloggy friends :) 

Really want to make this for Easter. In all my free time, of course.
Source: via Kierste Wade on Pinterest

No matter how pulled together a person can be, I have decided that wedding things will pretty take over your life once it gets close to the date. In fact, as we just hit that eight-week countdown mark, I have been mostly busy just organizing things even more. From day-of timelines to vendor checklists, there's much to be done to make sure that the weekend is seamless for all of the many people involved. Now that we have actual guests RSVPed to come (yay the responses are streaming in each day!), we have to make their weekend a blast, and make sure we don't have to worry about anything during it all, either. 

Gorgeous! Perfect for a ladies closet or dressing area.
Source: via Waiting on Pinterest

I'd be lying if I said I want to commit to my usual post rate per week for the next two months. I really hate not living up to what I say I am going to do, and I know I wouldn't be able to.

So here goes: I am going to try and check in at least once a week (note that at least -- that's giving me some wiggle room for more!). My updates will likely be wedding-related, with some quickie budget-friendly menu and decor ideas sprinkled in for good measure (and for my men readers that I am sure are pulling their hair out right about now).

Source: via Erin on Pinterest

I have been keeping a list of blog ideas on the side, so just because I haven't had time to write them yet doesn't mean they aren't coming. I plan on reserving time on those long transatlantic flights I have coming up where I can let the creativity go free :) 

I love hearing from you guys in the meantime, though. What's keeping you busy these days?