Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Inspiration from All Places

Even though we completed the condo paint job last year (can you believe it's been just about a year since then?!), I am always looking for inspiration for the home in all places. Little updates like a new throw pillow or an accessory for the bookshelf can lend a new edge to a space without spending a lot of money.

Photo courtesy of Pulp Home

Part of why I love following other bloggers is that they can lead me to inspiration in unlikely places. Take this pretty living room above featuring six colorful prints. They can be found at Pulp Home, a design company and shop which I found following the yellow brick road over from Aspiring Kennedy. I love the prints and how they compliment the painted blue wall. They would look so lovely in my dining room, which is a similar color!

Yesterday, another design shop caught my eye over on Charm Home, a local Atlanta interior design blog. Cristi showcased photos from Chango & Co., a NYC-based design firm. Look at that space they designed on the Upper West Side! Those windows remind me of my own; I love how they take such a prominent place in the room. Those built-ins are dreamy for smaller homes where closet space is at a premium.

Sometimes you just see inspiration by chance in real life, too. Remember this model home that I toured last year with some family? That curved couch still catches my breath, as do those colors. I should have asked that day who created that look for the builder.

Have you ever hired an interior designer? I usually like to tackle such home projects myself, using inspiration that I find from all of those places. But if I had the resources about me (aka if I was a real-life Betty...), I would like to hire an interior designer to help me with one home project in particular -- my window treatments. We have (hideous) long vertical blinds on all of the windows and the sliding doors that came standard with all the units in our building. They remind me of the ones you'd find in an office building. Not so chic.

By looking at the other units from the outside, I can tell that most of my neighbors haven't figured out a better option yet, either, but there are a few in the building that look to have upgraded theirs with new shades and curtains. I have done some research and it looks like there are a few vendors in the area ... but what if I could just hire someone to help me find the exact, right option for me? It's definitely on my home decor wish list right now :) 



Brooke said...

Just found you blog, and subscribed! I was searching for this new planner that I bought and saw you had one too. The Erin planner!

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Unknown said...

Brooke - so glad to have you!! I love my EC planner, and hope you enjoy yours too! :)

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Great inspirations photos