Saturday, July 27, 2013

Nice Little Saturday

It's one of those low-key, few-plans, lazy-living kind of weekends over here. Last night we went to Callanwolde for one of their Jazz on the Lawn evenings. It was so relaxing! The music was James Bond-themed, performed by my brother's old jazz piano teacher and his group, the Ted Howe Trio. We went with my parents, who brought an amazing picnic dinner and chairs, and we supplied the blanket and wine. Easy! We ran into Lisa and Bo while we were there, too. All the cool kids know where it's at for a casual in-town Friday night :)

Today, much less is planned. I dropped my brother and his girlfriend at the airport earlier (so jealous, they are headed to Mexico!), got my nails done and soon am going to get my hair did. Later, a trip up to Roswell to see my parents. Yep, a nice little Saturday over here, folks -- I am loving it!

A few weekends ago, I had a similar day, and decided to spend it being crafty. I had a few supplies on hand as well as my trusty glue gun, so I poured some wine (another key supply for any craft) and got to work on making a new wreath for our door.

I am such a fan of door decor. You all may remember the Christmas wreath I made many years ago that we still hang out each year. I always get a little sad when it's the mid-summer months and I don't have a spring/summer wreath to take the place of the patriotic star I usually put out for Memorial Day and the Fourth. I also am in need of a good "house divided" Georgia Tech-Auburn creation. That may be my next project.

For this one, I grabbed up a wreath from the leftovers of our garage sale in early June, stripped off the former decor and gave it a good hose down.

What I love about this wreath is that it is decorated entirely using leftover goodies from our wedding. The white letters were used on a door wreath made by one of my bridesmaids for our couples shower. I also had YARDS of green ribbon on hand from the Williams Sonoma registry gifts we received. I was saving it for just such an occasion!

The "L" base is made from cardboard from a few leftover wedding gift boxes. I used tape to keep the fabric in place on the back, which let me move things around if the wrapping didn't look quite right.

Once I had the main letters in place, I glued on fake flowers on that were formerly centerpieces at another shower. Green, navy blue and pink -- our wedding colors!

I am pretty happy with what I made for free in about an hour. It's been fun coming home to see our joint monogram on our front door, and it also brings back to mind that great day in April and all of the celebrations with friends before that day, too.