Friday, August 2, 2013

Friday Fotos

I must be losing my mind. The days -- they just keep slipping away!

One thing that helps me with my sanity is my photo stream on my phone. It was important to me when I was phone shopping last that it have a great camera. It really lets me capture those little daily moments that otherwise just slip past, when I might not have my real camera on hand.

A few of the recent snapshots from my brain, aka my phone ...

The Starbucks up near my parents' house in Roswell sure has upgraded since the days we used to study there as teens! They have an "afternoon" menu that includes wine and food, and a whole new layout for chairs and tables. If I lived anywhere near there, I am pretty sure I'd be right there in that comfy leather chair in the corner all. the. time. 

How adorable is this groom's cake set-up! The bride, a fellow GT gal, and the groom, my husband's Auburn roommate, gave a nod to the fun college rivalry world they live in. I loved it! I totally clapped along for the War Eagle song, and then STOOD UP (yep ha!) to sing along with Ramblin' Wreck when they were both played at the wedding. A girl's gotta show her pride! Hooray both teams!

I really do love my coworkers. One of our teammates went down to the Caribbean for a family vacation, and was SO NICE to bring us back awesome bracelet souvenirs! A few of the ladies on our team each got a different color. So thoughtful. I have mine tacked up next to my computer. It's awesome working with awesome people :)

At the same wedding as up above, the bride and her florist created these amazing arrangements for all over the venue. I didn't get a shot of the amazing arrangements inside, but these ones by the entrance table and escort cards grabbed my eye. The lemons and big leaves look so cool on the bottom! This could be fun to create on a smaller scale at home.

Apparently we live in a highrise full of third graders. Look this monstrosity! The ENTIRE set of pool chairs were "reserved" by people's bags, towels and sunscreen on a recent early Saturday morning. And there was not a soul in site. Seriously. So, I did what every older fourth grader would do. I stole a chair and claimed it mine :) Ha! It felt awesome. Especially when all of the 50 year old neighbors leisurely strolled down an hour and a half later, thinking they were set, and had one less chair to sit on. First come, first serve, y'all. Can't save seats with this many people in the building! 

How cute is this?! I ordered my very first thing from One Kings Lane recently (I know, I know -- but I have been a big window shopper all of these years!) and look what they sent for free as a little "Thank you for becoming a customer" -- a multi-color, prim and proper notecard set. I love writing handwritten notes, so this is just perfect. How thoughtful. And great customer service!

What memories have you been catching on your phone (or real) camera recently?


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