Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Southern Life Living

Part of being Southern-raised means some givens in daily life. You say "yes, ma'am" and "yes, sir" to anyone who could be even remotely your age or older. Monograms are present in your home, in some form or fashion. Wearing white is really hard to do outside of the Memorial Day/Labor Day realm, no matter what Fashion Week says.

Southern men and women also turn to certain things as go-to guides for everyday life. Southern Living recipes are passed down from generation to generation. When all else fails, turn to Emily Post. In Atlanta, stores such as Festivity or The Chandlery can be counted on for the perfect hostess gift, even if you, gasp, run past there right before the party [guilty on multiple counts over here!].

Along those lines, Garden & Gun's magazine has been a Southern store shelf staple since 2007. I haven't been a reader of the magazine, but couldn't help but snatch up the latest issue after seeing the navy and kelly green cover (my fav combo) with a gorg mint julep. Fabulous!

Right around the holidays, I read about Garden & Gun's new book, The Southern's Handbook. As you know, I am proud of my Northern heritage, but am proud of my Atlanta "hometown," too. I ordered the book right away, and have been (truly) pouring through the pages ever since. It's a book that touches on everything I have grown up with all these years, from my early years in Richmond to current life here. Included within, secrets to things like making the perfect fried chicken (never tried it, but now definitely want to) and the "finger salute," familiar to anyone who has raised a hand to others as you drive by in a smaller town.

All in all, the writing is solid, with some Southern snark wrapped in alongside what could be mistaken for a friendly chat with a neighbor.Whether you are a multi-generational Southerner, or someone new to the area, just looking for a little perspective, I say this book is a quick, light read and a worthy add to your night table. As a bonus, it's also a perfect addition to the Southern coffee table in between and after reads :)

Disclosure: The editors at Garden & Gun didn't ask or tell me to write a review of this book. I just am a fan and wanted to pass the word along!