Friday, October 9, 2009

#FollowFriday love

On Twitter there is a tradition to send out a tweet on Fridays with the hashtag #FollowFriday or #FF, and designate other Tweeters that you like following. It's all in the spirit of building up the cool stuff you get to read from other people.

So today on Buckhead Betty, I am going to do a #FF, Blog Edition. Check out some of my favorites - this week, from the Design, Frugal, Home-type things category. Ok, actually more like a "Everything Katherine Likes" category.

Happy Friday! More #FF to come on other weeks!

The Love List: This one is adorable - clothes, rooms, other things.... LOVE.

The Broke Socialite: She is fabulous, and definitely an inspiration for my blog here. Actually, recently we both posted about similar winter chili/soup recipes on the same day, an hour apart without even knowing. Great minds think alike :)

Peacock Feathers: Ah this one is just so adorable. The header alone got me, seriously, perfect color combination. This gal finds the most amazing pictures all over the internet and shares them!