Monday, October 12, 2009

Game Day Cake!

This coming weekend is Georgia Tech's Homecoming weekend, and I can't wait! Our tailgating group is a lot of fun, and GT just beat FSU, so the upcoming game vs Virginia Tech this weekend is sure to be a good one.

For the tailgate this week, I will be making this super-impressive-looking but actually very easy cake.

How adorable is that! My mom has been making this for a few years now, and I tried my hand at it last year. I quickly learned that Pam for Baking is REQUIRED, as the cake will stick to any number of those tiny little divets in the cake mold otherwise when you pop it out. I managed to salvage the cake with a bit of icing "glue," and definitely know better now.

The picture here is cute, but we also like to add little football "players" on the field using colored jelly beans. You can make any kind of cake you want to fill it in. I am going to make a pumpkin pound cake, perfect for a crisp football game day. 

What do you bring to your tailgate? Have you made this cake before, and what type of cake did you make for it?


Anonymous said...

I'm impressed you can make something like that!!! And pumpkin pound cake sounds divine!

Unknown said...

Thanks Kelly! I am going to take a pic of it for sure, I am excited to try this recipe again without it sticking to the mold :P