Thursday, October 15, 2009

Some NYC trip planning

I fail at posts this week. I had a nice one all written up on Monday night about this fantastic Taco Pie I made. But then I forgot to upload the pictures, and haven't been able to sit back down and do that since. So be on the lookout - I should have that up in the next day.

In the meantime, I am thinking ahead to our upcoming NYC trip. We have a few things planned for the trip, but I am very interested in what you like to do when you are in the City! I love trying new things, and in a city like New York, there are always new things to do, even if you have lived there forever.

So leave me a comment - what is a Must-Do or Must-See while we are there?

Here's some of the things on our unofficial unplanned to-do list, not in any order:

Central Park wanderings
Museum of Modern Art
American Museum of Natural History
McSorley's (it's our tradition to hit this place up for a midafternoon beer!)
Chinatown for some dumplings
Little Italy for cannoli


The Mailman said...

Cafe Palermo: The Best Cannoli on the PLANET EARTH. Ryan Seacrest-endorsed!

Anonymous said...

You should head down to Chelsea/Greenwich Village area and try The Standard and take a walk on the new Highline - great views!!

Unknown said...

Kelly: Thanks for the tip! I will add that to the list, we have a few options to consider!

C: Hahah but of course. Ryan Seacrest is the ultimate Italian spokesman, too, I think.

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