Thursday, October 8, 2009

Time to Paint Again!

After about 6 weeks of having a big red splotch of test paint on my dining room wall, I have decided its time to officially paint the whole wall that color (I am lazy and ignored it for a few weeks, I won't lie!)

Tonight I am heading to Home Depot to pick up the gallon of paint, and am going to tape off the molding too. By Saturday, I should have a lovely new vibrant red wall in my dining room! I stayed away from red in the living room and instead made it very Georgia Tech themed, but since my dining room furniture is dark chocolate brown, it won't technically be a UGA-themed room, which is clutch :)

That got me thinking about red inspiration! So I went looking for some things to help me decorate the wall in there:

These photos are super cute and remind me of the IKEA ones they have in stores now. Maybe I should check those out. 

 I need to engage one of my artsy friends to recreate this pretty picture, that would be so cool. Colin or Layne? I'd love you forever!!

This one isn't the same since its red curtains instead, but I love the chocolate brown tree. That could make for a cool mural, too, maybe companion one to the red one above.