Monday, January 25, 2010

Black and White and Read All Over

I get the 3-day Weekend Edition of the AJC here in town - the Thursday, Friday, and Sunday papers. I love it for the coupons, the Living, Home, and Food sections, and just to enjoy the pleasure of flipping through actual newspaper pages on the weekend. Plus, its only about $15 a month, so that is do-able even on my restricted budget.

But there is something that I really love about the New York Times. They always have so many deeply-written articles, whether about Health, Business, or local NYC events. I read the NYT on my Google Reader, but often think about how when I have more disposable income per month, I'd like to splurge on the NYT instead of the AJC.

This article in the NYT today in the Business section caught my eye. It's all about career advice for the younger folks - and straight from Bobbi Brown of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics, which is very cool. She keeps it real in the article, and I especially like how she sums it all up in this one answer below. Here it is, a Monday afternoon 2-minute inspiration :)
Q. What’s your best career advice?

A. When you’re talking to someone, look them in the eye. Always tell the truth. And you have to start at the bottom. I don’t care who you are and what you do, you have to start at the bottom. If there’s a job as a receptionist at a company you would love to work at and there’s nothing else, get that job. And don’t just sit there.

A lot of people have moved up in this company. Be open and be a sponge. I’ve always been a sponge. You’re around really cool, creative people, you see what they’re doing, how they’re dressing, what they’re reading, what their tastes are. I mean that’s what makes someone better at what they do — they’re just open to what’s going on.

PS. For those of you interested in getting the NYT at home, they are running a 50%-off promo for your first 12 weeks. That cuts it down to about the same as the AJC here in town for the Weekend Editions!


Unknown said...

i also get the 3-Day weekend paper, and love the random days when the newspaper man apparently forgets that is what my subscription is. nothing more fun than waking up on a tuesday morning to a newspaper!

plus, the best part is the food section on thursdays and the coupons on sundays!

Unknown said...

I love that too. It seems like we get them on holidays randomly too, which is a bonus! I love the Food section, I have found a lot of easy recipes in there, one of which I plan on trying tonight actually!

Unknown said...

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