Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tis the Season to Fest!

Starting in Febuary and going pretty much until November, Atlanta becomes Festival Central, and I love it! Beer festivals out the wazoo. Wine Tastings. Crawfish Fest. Restaurant Weeks in every part of town. In June, my favorite, the Virginia-Highlands Summer Fest. Essentially, anytime the weather is seasonably mild or warm, Atlanta has a festival going on somewhere. I love the ones that give you a lot of bang for your buck, like cheap drinks or food included with the ticket price.

In February, though, is my second-favorite Festival, OysterFest! I know a lot of my readers go to this every year (who is going this time? Let's plan to meet up!) but I wanted to share the details in case you have never gone and might be interested. This isn't one that's particularly cheap, but it does pack a lot into one day so would make a good one-stop shop for your weekend outing.

OysterFest started up in Buckhead in the East Andrews parking lots off Andrews Drive. It has since moved to the new location of Steamhouse Oyster Lounge in Midtown off West Peachtree. Featuring a bunch of indie-rock bands, tons of beer, and seafood everywhere, OysterFest is a family affair that appeals to pretty much everyone.

Don't like oysters? No problem. They serve up all sorts of food for non-fish eaters, too. Haven't ever had an oyster? Try it and have fun - it is hilarious to work so hard for a tiny bit of fish inside a hard shell, but they are very good. There are people around to help you with the shuckers if you have trouble.

This year, Oyster Fest will be on Feb. 20-21, and both days are packed with things to do. Swami Gone Bananas and UNZIPT are both great bands to catch on Saturday for the $20 ticket, and Sunday is cheaper at $10 but also has some cool bands lined up. Even better, a part of all ticket sales will go to benefit CHOA. Food and drink are extra, but aren't too over-priced.

Some insider tips: we like to meet up beforehand and have Bloody Marys, brunch or something prior at someone's apartment. This cuts down on the costs at the event. The Fest is one block from the Midtown MARTA station, so take MARTA if you can since parking around there is limited. Places like Taco Mac and TAP are within walking distance if you are looking for a reasonably-priced dinner afterward.

Let me know if you are heading to Oyster Fest this year, and we can meet up!


Anonymous said...

yet again, another soft-core photo that is NSFW... what kind of blog is this?

Matt Duke said...

By "someone's apartment" I am assuming you mean the person that lives less than 1 block from there, me. The bad news is that I may or may not be in town that weekend, I am still trying to figure out if I am going out to Colorado for a Ski Trip. I will let you know as soon as I figure it out, hopefully today.

Unknown said...

ROFL. Mr Anon, I know who you are and who you work for, its your own fault you are web-surfing over there :P

And Matt - don't worry, we met at my place last year bc its so close to MARTA! But if you are in town, def come on over and we can pregame there!

Unknown said...

I thought it started at the old Steamhouse Lounge across from where CJ's used to be? Then it moved to East Andrews parking lot, then Midtown? I could be wrong!

I <3 Oysterfest and definitely already sent the email out to a bunch of people. Hopefully we'll get a good group to go!

Anonymous said...

I'll be there - can't wait, hopefully we will have Spring-like temps that weekend!

Unknown said...

Katie you could be totally right, good call! And yay, and I am glad both you and Kelly will be there, can't wait!

DuffGT06 said...

Hey, I have that weekend open so keep me updated on plans!