Monday, May 31, 2010

It Was a Fabulous Night

I can think of so many words to describe Friday Night, the evening of our big SATC2 Girls Night Gala at STRIP and the Regal Atlantic Station. But, sometimes just the most basic of words can sum up an entire evening.

Fantastic old friends.

Fabulous new friends.

Friends that bring back so many memories.

Maybe a cute man or two. Sigh.

And the movie. Oh, the movie! LOVE.

Don't get me wrong -- it was not an Oscar winner. It was, as was expected, and needed, a perfect extension of our favorite TV show. Forget 30 minutes. We were treated to 2 hours of fashion, girlfriend adventures, and fabulous scenery, and I personally enjoyed every second of the escape into the alternate reality.

Not every great movie needs breakups and drama. Sometimes, what you need is just some good, old-fashioned fun. And you know what? Martinis and cocktail attire and girlfriends really do make a wonderful combination. Thanks to the 20+ ladies who joined me in the evening -- you all made the night truly what it was!