Friday, May 28, 2010

Eat Your Face Off

I love getting emails from the area restaurant groups. They are always looking for the next biggest and greatest way to bring in customers, and most of the time, they are right on the money with their promotions. Concentrics Restaurants are no exception.

Like remember the All You Can Eat deal that Two Urban Licks did this winter? Well, ONE. midtown kitchen is going for a repeat of that success, offering up "Mangia! Mangia! Meatball Thursdays" this summer. The 3 course feast will be served served family style like the one at TwoUL was, and includes pasta topped with the weekly meatball feature (I'd imagine it will vary from things like lamb, venison, etc), salad and dessert. The best part is the price, though -- $14.50 per person, or $19.50 per person with a bottle of red or white wine!! Fantastic! Yes, please.

The other one that caught my eye in this week's email blast is a sweet treat from Bakeshop. This joint has been in the back of my head for a few weeks now, but honestly I have been trying to steer clear of desserts in lieu of bikini season. However, for this new special, I might have to make an exception. With something called Sundaes-N-Waffles, how can you go wrong?

They are hosting this affair on Sundays all summer long from 3-7pm. The housemade waffle is topped with your choice of a topping like butterscotch or caramel rum raisin. Add to that a scoop of chocolate ice cream, raspberry sorbet, or another cool flavor, and that is one serious treat for only $5! They also will have a new special flavor combo for $7 each week, like "Pistachio Truffle Sundae."

... Ok I need to go workout now just from thinking about this fantastic food. Enjoy your holiday weekend, friends! And lady friends, enjoy your SATC2 Nights Out!! :)