Thursday, May 27, 2010

Mission Shelf Repair

I have a penchant for keeping my home organized. I might not vacuum and dust every nook and cranny every day, but I do Swiffer regularly and most surfaces are usually clear of junk. Minus those piles of papers and envelopes on one of my kitchen counters. That is organized chaos, I promise. I know exactly what is in each one. Mostly.

I do tend to drop stuff on the counters, and since I try not to ruin my hardwoods, the stilettos come off at the door. But as soon as just a few of these things accumulate, however, I am spurred to get up, even if I am watching TV and relaxing, to go put everything in it's place. Call me weird, but whatever. I like to live as if I should be expecting guests at any second. Because really, you just never know. I have had people drop by after work, or neighbors from the building randomly knock on the door. You have to be presentable!

So you can imagine how I felt when this happened a few weeks ago.

My perfectly color-coordinated, size-ordered, season-by-season closet rack inexplicably fell out of the wall. It scared the living daylights out of me. I stood there for 5 minutes quietly whining about it, and then got the guts up to sort out the hellish mess.

The other side is still lovely. But this side, gone. Shoddy installation, from what I can tell. The flimsy brackets weren't meant to hold up my clothes-horse wardrobe. Now the rack is in my living room, propped up between two chairs, and floor-length gowns are hanging in the door. Stacks of jeans and sweats are on the floor. And I try not to have a panic attack every time I walk in there.

This weekend -- Mission Shelf Repair begins!

Though, I am wondering, this may be the perfect time to also paint the walls that pretty Tiffany blue I was thinking about way back in the winter. While half of the closet is emptied out anyways and I have an open holiday weekend ahead, it seems like fate ....

Part of me wants to go all out bold like this one via House of Turquoise.

But maybe I shouldn't be so crazy blue? I have this idea in my head for the master suite -- foresty greens, rich browns, and ... what? Bright blues that pop like this combo, also from House of Turquoise (my new fav site BTW) ...

... Or a paler blue instead?

Or should I bring in a darker, stately peacock blue? These rooms caught my eye today over on The Love List, via Nate Berkus (LOVE!!), and remind me of the blues I have seen in the SATC2 decor...

What do you think? Update to come Monday -- either way :) :)


Lauren said...

Oh Katherine! I feel your pain, and I hope the cleanup goes smoothly. I think you should definitely paint the inside of your closet!! I have seen a lot of people doing that, and I think it is such a fun idea. Can't wait to see what you decide to do!

Unknown said...

Thanks Lauren for your support :) What a disaster! I am pumped - I think I have picked out a pretty blue to paint just the back wall, which is basically the only wall that is really exposed and looks boring as-is. Can't wait!