Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Paint and Pinot is a Perfect Pairing

This is one of the things that I have been dying ... no, DYING to do for about a year now. And I want you all to go with me. Mostly because this will be a sad, sad scene if I go alone. No solo social time for me this time. Who else is in?!

Sips n Strokes is a multi-location artistic outlet made especially for us Betties that like to socialize while we work our right brains. Combining step-by-step directions to paint a masterpiece all on your own, all the supplies you will need, your choice of BYOB beverage (um, hello, Trader Joe's!), and all of your friends, Sips n Strokes has figured out the perfect way to have a true ladies night on the town --  and you get to take your painting home with you at the end!

Here in Georgia, there are two locations, one in Dunwoody and one in East Cobb. Spots sell out fast for their classes, since each one is for a specific painting. You can imagine the nights with the best paintings go quickly!

So here's my proposal -- I have reserved a spot for myself on Tuesday, June 15 for the 7-9 PM class. You go do the same. It's only $25, and you get to make (and keep!) a 16x25 canvas of this!!

The best thing is, you can choose your own colors to match the decor in your home. I can already see dark reds, greens and golds for mine, and I know just where I will hang it. That is, if they stay true to their promise that it will actually turn out wonderfully. Because I am that person they describe, "those who feel unable to draw a simple stick figure." Yep, that's me. But from what I have heard, and seen in photos from their classes, it looks like this Malone might turn into a Monet that night. Or Manet? Whatever. Pass the Merlot.


DuffGT06 said...

I love this, sounds fun! Let's try to do one when I'm able. (Fingers crossed on upcoming interviews!)

Anonymous said...

I've been wanting to try this out, but will be out of town that week, let me know how it is though :)

Unknown said...

We will def do another venture in the near future, since I had trouble picking just one to attend in the first place!! :)