Monday, June 14, 2010

That's Just How We Do It In the A

"ATL, country as Hell..."

I swear I have had that Lloyd-Ludacris song stuck in my head since about Friday night. Something about flying out of town and then really looking forward to being home again, perhaps?

I am back from a whirlwind trip to Ohio -- we visited a lot of local establishments, saw about 50 deer dangerously way-too-close to the road, and got in some R&R time with family. Sometimes, all you need is a little 3-day getaway to feel refreshed.

... Or at least, if you aren't sick through the whole trip, like yours truly was :P I am personally glad to be back home where I can be sniffly and coughy all by myself without infecting others. A post-work nap is definitely in the cards for me. Who gets sick in the summertime?!

While up North, we visited a this fantastic local spot called Pub Bricco. Situated near downtown Akron, this place was packed out by the time we headed off to the local theater for the night. They boast local craft beer, $5 glasses of wine, and a huge menu with something for everyone.

So why am I telling you about this restaurant in faraway Ohio, you ask? Perhaps for the one or two of you that might find yourself in Akron one day? Ok sure, but not really. It's because their burger menu was to-die-for and totally, 100% re-creatable in your own kitchen. Observe:

First, pick your meat of choice. Yes, they have burgers, turkey burgers, and chicken breast. But also what about crab cakes or grilled salmon, yum!

Then, choose your toppings. But think beyond the typical cheddar cheese and bacon. Get adventurous with combinations like --

* Jamaican jerk rub and sesame BBQ and roasted pineapple salsa, all thrown on an onion roll
* Mediterranean-style spinach, feta, roasted tomato slices and olive tapenade, piled on Texas toast
* Pesto, fresh mozzarella and sun-dried tomato on a kaiser roll -- this would be insane even without the meat!

Take a look at their menu and get inspired for your next grill-out. And don't worry, for most of combos, there's no real recipe required. You can mix and match seemingly ordinary ingredients to create your own gourmet meal.

If you are very indecisive, go with what I ultimately chose after much debate -- a turkey burger topped with a Thai chili glaze (look in the Asian section at the grocery store), a slice of grilled pineapple, and a red bell pepper scallion slaw. Drool-worthy.

Back to my rejuvinating Starbucks Chai. Sniffles, be gone!


ATLrunner said...

Hope you feel better! Definitely a trip to OHIO will get anyone screaming along with the ATL songs :-) (the peeps in OHIO are the only reason we keep going back, ya know?)

Unknown said...

Deb you are so right! I enjoyed seeing everything up there, the deer were everywhere, it was wild!!

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