Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Top Ten {Tuesday}: It's All About the Little Things

Some days, when you are caught in a rain shower without an umbrella, stuck in never-ending traffic, loaded down with work or errands, or just generally stressed out and tired, it pays to think about life's little things that make you happy.

That is where I am today. This cold still has me down, and I definitely missed the train and sat in 100% humidity this morning for a long time as a result. I could let this all affect my (generally) positive demeanor, but instead I am taking today's Top Ten {Tuesday} to share with you some of the daily things that keep me going. Maybe they will put a smile on your face too, and help you through another day!

Please add your own "little happy things" to this list and let's get some good vibes going today :)

Top Ten {Tuesday}

Top Ten Little Things That Make Me Smile

1. When a person holds a door open for me, even if I am still a few steps away from them and they could have easily let it shut behind them.

2. Those first few rays of sunshine through your window in the morning.

3. Those last few rays of sunshine glinting over the skyscrapers or rooftops next door in the evening, and how they color the clouds pretty pinks and reds.

4. Since I hate Tuesdays in general, this snide article never fails to make me laugh. I think I have looked at it at least once a month since it was published in 2007 haha.

5. Cracking the top of creme brulee with the back of a spoon. The movie Amelie changed my life with this one. I never eat it without thinking about that 2-second scene.

6. Trying on pretty shoes just for fun. Buying them gives me an absolute high.

7. Pouring a good glass of wine and sitting down on my couch, shoes off, at the end of the week. Or at the end of every day, who am I kidding?

8. Flowers. Any kind, anywhere. Have you ever noticed how pretty they are when we rush past the arrangements in offices or on the sidewalks? "Stop and smell the flowers" never sounded so true!

9. Getting any mail other than bills and junk mail. Handwritten letters? DIE.

10. Crisp, fall air on your face and the smell of cook-outs all around. I will keep this one in mind as we suffer through the next three months of 150% heat index weather here :)


SpitFire said...

I <3 honest to God letters too...penpal time? :D I'd so write you, lol. And fall air?? Awesome! I think reading your post was like brain-chocolate today.

BTW, I did a quirky 10 about me post, just for you. :)

Unknown said...

Haha thank you, you rock!! I know, handwritten notes are one of my fav things to give AND receive!

SpitFire said...

Email me if you wanna be penpals :)