Wednesday, August 18, 2010


It's Back to School time here in Georgia. When I was in school, I waited anxiously for this time of year. You see, I was a sucker for a new planner. I am that Type-A personality that lived and breathed by that spiral-bound small notebook. I always got the same kind, too. A Day Runner, if I remember correctly. It was gorgeously clean inside, with light gray lines (not black, those look too cluttered to me!), big boxes for each day on the month-view (loopy girl handwriting over here), and week-by-week views too. Come August, it was time for a refresh. A new start.

I still have most of my planners at home from college. It's almost laughable to flip through and see how committed (nay, over-committed) I was at that stage of my life. Every day after classes AND work over at the Alumni Association, I had any number of meetings, rehearsals, or practices. Somewhere in there, I was also having a social life.

And yes, sometimes the social life bled into those same meetings and organizations. Going to a meeting is a lot more fun after Thursday night Sweetwater. Just sayin.

Times have changed a bit these many years later -- I have nixed most organized group activities from my schedule, preferring instead some R&R or workouts after I get home from work. Weekends are not jam-packed with nights out or parties, but instead are usually taken up with errands, chores around my home, and low-key get-togethers with friends.

What hasn't changed, though, is my desire for the "back to school" feel. You can't miss it -- the stores are packed full of supplies. While I have since ditched the planner for my much beloved Blackberry, I realized this weekend that I could still enjoy the back to school vibe in a different form.

Part of what is all over the stores right now are dorm supplies. While I am not particularly interested in the multi-colored floor lamps or bath caddies, some of the other storage options definitely have potential for me. You see, I have a lot of things. A lot of things packed into my one-bedroom condo, where closet-space is limited. Recently, I noticed my walk-in closet was beginning to take on a life of it's own. The culprit? My purse collection.

Enter the dorm supplies from Target. These REorganize Sterilite milk crates are only $3.49 each, and fit perfectly onto shelves like mine! They were especially perfect for my smaller clutch purses, which had been just strewn haphazardly onto a shelf.

For under $20, I not only physically organized my closet space a bit, but made it visually appealing at the same time, since this color green matches the rest of the master suite.

Target has these crates in black, fushia, green, and navy blue. They are either on shelves or pallets in the seasonal Dorm section of the store. If you are interested in them, though, grab them up! The seasonal section of Target always goes quick, and I had to go to two different Buckhead locations to pick up all six of mine.

Happy Back to School! :)


The Mailman said...

What's going to happen when the other shelf falls off the wall and knocks over your bin system? PURSES EVERYWHERE!!

Unknown said...

Oh Colin. But of course. Luckily, those shelves seem to be drilled a bit more sturdily into the wall than the other ones were, though :P

Unknown said...

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